Wrestling Heritage A-Z

Mr X 

Through the years the name Mr X has been used by numerous quickly forgotten hooded terrors. Please don’t ask us to name one of any note. The name  became a lazy gimmick for unimaginative promoters to put a hood on any available wrestler and name him accordingly.

We also include the more exotic sounding Monsieur X, the little known masked man of the Southern independent circuit, whose mask reminded us all who he was

Away from the multitude of hooded terrors the one exception, in that he did make a mark, that he could wrestle  and that he did not wear a mask, was Wellingborough heavyweight Ed Wensor. Read about him in the letter W section (we put him there in case the X section got just too full).

See the entry for Ed Wensor

Tony Xingu

A fleeting addition to Northern wrestling bills during 1964. The light heavyweight Yorkshireman wrestled the likes of Leon Arras, Ernie Riley, Tony Charles, Frank O’Donnell and Alf Cadman. He disappeared from our rings as swiftly as he appeared; Did he change his name? Flee the country? Or maybe he chose a quick career change?  Maybe someone can shred some light on our only legitimate letter X entrant.