T: Tom Tyrone

Tom Tyrone

Tom Tyrone was a popular young heavyweight who entered the professional ranks in the late 1970s. He was helped on his way by a family member as his father-in-law was Tug Holton. However, Tom only picked up Tug's good wrestling habits and disregarded the villainous ways of his famous relative.

We came across young Tom in 1978, working for the independent promoters and guiding him through those early matches as his opponent was his tutor, Tug. Within a short time he was travelling further afield and we find a broader range of opponents that included Jackie Pallo, Danny Lynch, Dave Finlay and Johnny Kincaid.

He was a popular fifteen stone addition to the ring at a time when wrestling skill was becoming an increasingly rare commodity. At the end of 1980 he was signed up for Joint Promotions and within a matter of weeks Dale Martin Promotions granted him an outing at London’s Royal Albert Hall. With his opponent as the undefeated masked Executioner the result was of little surprise, but despite his knock out loss Tom was back in the Kensington arena two months later to face Clive Myers. 

Progress was fast for the young heavyweight. In April, 1981 he made his television debut against Butcher Bond. This was to be the first of around thirty televised matches with the last one being in 1987. In 1987 Tom made it to the final of the Grand Prix Belt Tournament before losing to Judo Pete Roberts. 

One fan was enthusiast Ohtani's Jacket, "He was a fine young heavyweight who often had matches against the likes of Ray Steele, Pat Roach and Terry Rudge. I always enjoyed his matches." Graham Bawden said, “Tom Tyrone was a great heavyweight in his time. Recall him giving Big Pat Roach a tough time in the ring.” 

Tom continued to wrestle for the remainder of the 1980s at least but disappeared from our radar. We would welcome more information and memories.

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