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Terry Camm
In 1960 a new name appeared on the wrestling posters and seemed to be everywhere. We find him wrestling Arthur Beaumont in September, 1960, a tough opponent for a novice. Reg Ray and Alf Cadman were other experienced men who met him in those first few months of turning professional.

Yet wrestling wasn't Terry's first taste of sporting success. As a schoolboy he played soccer at county level, was on the books for Worksop and had the opportunity of signing for Sheffield United.  He remained a "Blades" fan all his life.   At twenty he was playing in international youth matches.

All that was put behind him when twenty-two year old Terry turned professional wrestler, a part time job as he also took over the family green grocers business. His move from amateur to professional ranks was aided by Nottingham's Al Nicol. In those early years of the 1960s middleweight Terry became a popular figure wrestling many of the big names in the business: Johnny Eagles, Don Branch and his friend Al Nicol amongst them.
A milestone came in July, 1964 when Terry made his debut in front of the television cameras, with French wrestler Jean Morandi in the opposite corner. Against experienced international opposition it was no surprise when Terry ended up on the wrong end of the verdict, counted out by the referee.

A second televised appearance came his way the following year. Sadly for Terry the result went the same way; this time it was Colin Joynson taking the knock out win. Neither results takes anything away from a young man who was entertaining the fans on regular basis up and down the country. Whilst the majority of matches were in the midlands and the north Terry did occasionally travel further afield and could be found from Cornwall and into Scotland on occasions.

He worked mainly for Relwyskow and Green, Morrell and Beresford and Wryton Promotions.  All seemed to be going well and we fully expected Terry to be around for many years to come. Then as quickly as he burst into our rings he disappeared from our radar in 1967. What became of him we never did find out. Maybe the carrots and cabbages became too demanding and he concentrated on the greengrocer business. We would very much like to hear more.

In 1958 he married Ann and they parented three children, six grandchildren and nine grandchildren. Terry may not have fulfilled his "Blades" dream but a son and grandson went on to play for Sheffield United.

Terrance Camm, born 2nd December, 1937, died on  18th July, 2020, aged 82.

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