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Taffy Jones

Taffy Jones was in danger of becoming another forgotten wrestler had it not been for historian Ron Historyo.  When Ron discovered Taffy whilst researching 1930s wrestling bills he found the tip of the proverbial iceberg. Taffy was no insignificant player in the wrestling business, he was a wrestler, referee and promoter for more than two decades.

Taffy Jones was born Sylvanus Meredith Jones in Trawsfynydd, a village near Blaenau Ffestiniog,  on 15th July, 1910, the son of Ellen and Huw Jones.  Having moved from mid Wales to Liverpool in the early 1930s we find Taffy Jones wrestling as early as 1936 at Belle Vue in Manchester. Wrestling appearances throughout northern England were frequent during the second half of the 1930s until Taffy joined the army shortly before the outbreak of war.  

Despite serving in Africa during the war Taffy Jones maintained some domestic wrestling activity,  with Ron Historyo observing “Taffy was no small timer, he did all of the big halls and was part of that massive effort in the north that kept wrestling going all through the war.“

Following the war Taffy returned to Liverpool, employed as a stevedore on the Mersey Docks. His interest in politics and  urge to help the less fortunate led to active membership of the Labour Party. Taffy campaigned for Liverpool Exchange Member of Parliament, Bessy Braddock until her death in 1970. The two had common interests in both politics and wrestling, Bessy going to the shows at Liverpool Stadium.

Wrestling opponents included some of the big names of the time, such as Dick Wills, Bert Mansfield and Ken Davies as well as stars of the future like Billy Joyce. Our final discovery of wrestler Taffy was in Abergavenny in March, 1951.Following retirement Taffy continued as a referee and promoter. Wrestler Dwight J Inglebergh remembers working on Taffy’s shows in Cheshire and recalled Taffy refereeing a match between Blackburn Roberts and himself.

Not one of the great stars of wrestling, but a man who certainly  did his bit for more than twenty years and a part of our great wrestling heritage.

Taffy Jones died on 10th June, 1973.

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