M: Suzie McDonald

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Suzie McDonald
Also known as Trudy Saturn
Contributed by James Morton

Trudy Fitzhenry was the sister of Kid Brannigan. In the daytime she was an Inner City Farm Education teacher.

Trained in Birmingham by Pete Evans she wrestled in UK, India and the Lebanon.

She retired in the 1970s following birth of her first child and back injuries.

Graham Brooks said, “Trudy Saturn was one of the nicest girls you could imagine. I promoted her twice at Walsall Football Club in Bescott. The first time I matched her with Lady Emma. The second time I matched her with Living Doll as, at the time, Cliff Richard had re-released his hit in company with The Young Ones (Ade Edmondson, Rik Mayall etc) as a charity fundraiser and it was back in the charts.”
Trudy writes
As a young girl, in the early 1970's, I was taken, several times, by my Mom, to The Civic Hall in Birmingham, to watch her friend, Pete Evans and many 'of the day' pro wrestlers.  I also used to watch ITV 'World of Sport' Wrestling on a Saturday afternoon and loved it.  Pete Evans used to come horse riding at my families Horse Riding School and my Mom was his instructor.  When my younger brother was 15, Pete taught him how to wrestle and a few years later, on my 21st Birthday,  I went to watch my bro' 'Kid Brannigan' (known to his mates as Nobby Fitz) in a show at a local social club,  he was on against Chris McNiel.  Also on the bill that night was of course, Pete Evans v Ali Shan, Judo John Brown v Mickey Pallett and lady wrestlers, Gemma Best v Madame Kiss.  The referee was 'The Badger' Barry Potter. 
After watching my bro' and the other guys  I was then, blown away by the ladies wrestling and was hooked.  I wanted to learn to wrestle myself and the next day Pete took me to my first training session.  Along with my brother, Chris McNiel and some ladies from Bristol.  We trained on a Saturday daytime, in the Birmingham nightclub 'The Powerhouse' (previously The Locarno) as Pete was head doorman there and had access to the facilities for free.  The first thing he taught me was to breakfall off the stage onto the dance floor. At first I said...You must be joking!!  He said..'My girl, you either do it or forget about being a wrestler..you have ridden horses all your life and fell from alot higher and alot harder than that from them..now get on with it!!”  I did as I was told and that was the start of a fantastic, short,  four  year wrestling career.  I wrestled all over the country, Wales, Scotland, Isle of Mann and went to Beirut in Lebanon and also India in 1984.  In the daytime, I was an Inner City Farm Education teacher, taking animals into schools and also  educating kids on the farm in Aston Birmingham.  By night and holidays I was a lady wrestler.  

Sometimes I used to ride my motorbike to shows with my wrestling bag strapped on the back.  I had to give up when I was pregnant with my first child and I also had prolapsed discs in my back from being slammed so much...I think the horse falls may have contributed also.  I loved every minute of it and was privileged to wrestle with the ladies who inspired me, Gemma Best and Madame Kiss, also Klondike Kate, who was the first lady, I did a breakfall off the top of the corner post, with, to take a pinfall. Thanks honey!! x ..Tina Star, Nicky Monroe, my best friend Jen, 'Black Widow/Big Mama'. Donna Marie, Lisa Jayne, Jodie Lee, The Cassidy girls,  lovely Leather Lena and Susan North. Working with these ladies gave me some of the best days of my life.  Thank you all.      
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