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Rik Sands, R.I.P.
Londoner Rik Sands led a full life away from the wrestling ring. He grew up in Isleworth and established  a keen interest in a wide range of sports whilst at Spring Grove Central School: javelin, water polo, cricket and swimming. He was also  an accomplished judo expert, a second degree black belt,  before turning to professional wrestling. Influential in that decision were Steve Viedor and Earl Maynard who he met whilst serving in the R.A.F.  If that’s not enough Rik was also a professional snooker referee. He qualified as a snooker referee in 1975, touring the country with stars such as Jimmy White and John Virgo, until 2002.

Rik was a respected wrestler, mostly  in the south of England, who went on to promote his own shows, which featured star names that included Viedor, John Kowalski, Bob Kirkwood and Johnny Kincaid. His involvement in judo continued and Rik ran a number of judo clubs in London. 

Following his wrestling career Rik started his own business selling fabrics at his shops in Southampton, Feltham, Ashford and Bognor Regis. He moved to Cyprus, where he lived for seven years continuing to run his own business, Rik also devoted a great deal of time to charity work, organising functions and events such as dinners, variety shows, wrestling tournaments, football matches  and celebrity golf events.

Rik was a keen supporter of, and generous contributor to, the British Wrestlers Reunion. 

Rik Sands died in March, 2019.