British wrestling history 

Ray Plunkett, R.I.P.

Ray Plunkett died peacefully in the early hours of Thursday morning, 26th June following a short period in hospital. His partner, Wendy, was by his side.  

Ray was probably better known in wrestling circles than  quite a few of the wrestlers he admired. More than one wrestler has been known to comment that Ray knew more about their whereabouts than they knew themselves. From the 1960s onwards Ray collected and compiled wrestling results which he generously shared with other like minded enthusiasts.

In the 1960s he was part of an extensive group of fans that swapped results on a regular basis, followed in later years by literally hundreds, possibly thousands of hours trawling through library newspaper archives. With newspapers digitised it was a case of online searching to create what must have been the  largest database of British wrestling bills and results.

Apart from being an ultimate fan Ray was also well known as an official, a referee and Master of Ceremonies for various independent promoters and Dale Martin Promotions.

Ray was seventy-four years old. Our condolences to Ray’s partner, Wendy.