Paul Vachon

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Butcher Paul Vachon

The bushy bearded French Canadian Paul Vachon stormed into Britain in September, 1964, knocking out both Dazzler Joe Cornelius and Gerry de Jaegar on the same night before coming in second to Peter Maivia in an eight man knock out tournament at the Colston Hall Bristol. Almost half a century later those fans who watched the unruly Canadian on grainy black and white television screens have full colour memories of the self-styled butcher of Montreal. 1960s fan Beancounter told us: 

"The bout which stands out in my mind was the occasion he was billed in the 'T V Times' to wrestle Francis Sullivan. However, on the day Joe Cornelius was substituted and won 2 - 1. The final fall was effected by the considerably lighter Cornelius lifting up Vachon and executing a perfect body slam and cross press. "

Right from the start of his British visit, if eighteen months in the country constitutes a visit, Butcher Paul was a top of the bill performer. Maybe as one of thirteen children Paul was used to fighting his way to the top. 

John Shelvey said: 

"He went in with just about any heavyweight available at that time. Among those he hooked up with were Cornelius, Campbell, Billy Joyce, Kumuli, Lees, Pierlot, Portz, Rawlings, Reagan, Streiger, Szakacs, Veidor, Wall, to name a few of the 'home' boys and Gordienko, Kuti, Maivia, Kingston, Napolitano, Simonovitch, Manousakis, and Nelson to name some of the 'visitors.' "


Whilst victories over most of  the top heavyweights are easily found throughout his record, losses via the disqualification route are in equal abundance, including his Royal Albert Hall debut against Gordon Nelson.  Fortune was no kinder on subsequent Royal Albert Hall outings against Joe Cornelius, Billy Two Rivers and Jan Wilko. To dwell on such misfortune does the Canadian an injustice as we were genuinely surprised when reviewing his record at the consistent quality of his opponent during his time in Britain. On his eventual return to Canada Paul formed a successful tag team with his brother, Mad Dog Maurice Vachon. and the pair twice won the AWA World heavyweight title. In 2008 Paul was awarded a lifetime achievement award by the Cauliflower Alley Club.