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Feedback tells us we have included so far most of the names from the Heritage Years that were in our Members' minds. Unsurprisingly, there were other suggestions. Dwight J. Ingleburgh told us "A good referee didn't see everything, he let the wrestlers get on with the job," and on those grounds went on to nominate Tony Ansell and Vic Wall.

Dave Kaye  told us his favourite referees were Emile Poilve and Lou Marco. Tony Kaye stuck up for Brian Crabtree. We  eliminated  Brian because he broke the golden rule of allowing the wresters to shine, but Gordon Pryor agreed with Tony and told us there was room for all sorts in pro wrestling! Derek Collins gave his votes to Jeff Kaye, Gordon Smith and Max Ward.  Jack Land (Karl Von Kramer) had the nack of enraging fans when he was a referee by counting slowly when the villain went down, and quickly when the hero was on the mat; the crowd went crazy.

Les Prest rated referees Alan Martin and Roy Bull Davis, "Alan was great at reading the crowd and offered direction to the wrestlers how to get the best reaction. Roy Bull Davis would tell wrestlers when to speed things up or slow down."

In the Wrestling Heritage Forum Wryton nominated Mark Green and Emile Poilve, with Eddie Rose quickly offering his backing. Dave Sutherland offered his backing for Ernie Baldwin and Gordon Smith in the Forum. Steve Barker offered a spirited nomination for Peter Szakacs, omitted from the listing because his ontribution in the Heritage years was foremost as a wrestler. 

Three MCs who get honourable mentions. Harry Lightfoot, MC for Ray Diamond and Don Robinson, who could quieten the crowd down when things got a bit too hot, and Conrad Davis, "A fantastic announcer,he always came into the ring smoking a cigar" said Dwight J. Ingleburgh. We leave Dwight with the last word, as he told us of a show in Pakistan sponsored by a tobacco company, and between rounds the referee would walk around the ring smoking and exageratingly enjoying a cigarette!

You will by now surely have guessed the idntity of the Heritage number one official.

Top No. 1 Official