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Nat Rabin

Another Rabin. Another Jewish champion. Sadly we can tell you little about Nat Rabin, a wrestler from Aldgate active from 1934 (we found him losing to Billy Riley) until 1951, working for Jerry Jeary Promotions. Between those years Nat was never as famous as the namesakes to whom he was not related, Sam or Harry, but does seem to have been a skilled wrestler,  and   muscular, allegedly a “Pocket Hercules.”  

Nat concentrated   on training with weights and was known for his body building techniques. He was one of the strongest of the lighter men, weighing around 11 stones in the 1930s his weight increased and he was described as a stocky light heavyweight in the 1950s.  The Portsmouth Evening News said he  “May succeed Sam as the Hebrew Champion of the World.”

The Ramsgate Advertiser and Echo said a match between Nat and Jim Maloney, “Was all that could be desired. These boys fought six rounds of the real thing and, quick to appreciate the sporting spirit of the fight, the audience gave them the biggest hand of the night.”

We hope that one of Nat’s family will contact us with more of his story because  we may not be able to tell you much of Nat Rabin, but we can tell you he is a man worth remembering. 

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