M: Morgan - Morlans

Wrestling Heritage A - Z

Dave Morgan (Also known as Dave Evans, Dai Morgan)
Welsh mid heavyweight Dave Morgan was another of those bright young things that came through the ranks in the 1960s when he was a regular worker in Dale Martin rings.  Born in Tonypandy, South Wales, Dave and his family moved to Middlesex whilst he was a child. He joined Forresters Amateur Wrestling Club when he was fourteen years old and  three years later he turned professional, using the names Dave Evans, Dai Morgan and Dave Morgan. He settled on the latter and by  1968 he was a well known figure amongst wrestling fans. However,  the youngster had wanderlust. It was France first, but that was only the beginning and by the end of the decade we were beginning to see less and less of him in British rings. Dave went on to find his  greatest success of all in the rings of the United States and Germany, where he set up home as a wrestler and promoter until retirement in 1999. Dave died on 1st June, 2004.

Ellis Morgan (Also known as Johnny Buller)
We came across Ellis Morgan for the first time in October, 1952, wrestling at Blackpool Tower against Joe Egan. At that time he was using his birth name  and could often be found on bills in the north and midlands. In the second half of  the 1950s the name Ellis Morgan appears on our radar and we have many records of him working for independent  promoters. Most of these contests are in the north west of England, but he does venture to London for Devereux Promotions. A frequent opponent was Al Brown, wrestling as Frank Sparks in those days, and others included Pete Lindbergh, Ken Else, Terry Downs and Jack Santos. In the 1960s our sightings became less frequent and we have spotted him for the last time in 1966.  When not wrestling he did take up refereeing duties.

Johnny Morgan
One time professional boxer Johnny Morgan turned to wrestling in the 1950s, tackling the likes of Jack Beaumont, Jim Foy, Bert Assirati and Gordon Nelson. He also used his sporting experiences as an author, writing The Square Jungle, based on his experience as a professional boxer and  Nothing Barred in which he turns his attention to wrestling, and writes a novel about the corrupt world of professional wrestling. This is a gritty, dramatic story far removed from the cheers of the fans down at the Shoreditch Town Hall.

Lance Morgan

A supporting bill middleweight on the independent circuit in the 1960s, with opponents that included Sugar Ray DoDo, Jack Taylor, Jim Lewis and Ken Davies. Get in touch if you can provide more information.

Les Morgan
Warrington's Les Morgan wrestled around the halls of the north during the 1960s. Les shared his working life between wrestling, his trade as a welder at the nearby Unilever factory and doorman at the Lion Hotel in Bridge Street, Shane Fenton's (Alvin Stardust's) Nite Spot in Mersey Street, and the Carlton Club in Sankey Street,  Warrington. If you are out there Les, or any family members, do get in touch.
Brendan Moriarty
Tough  Manchester based Irish middleweight worked for the independent promoters of the north and the midlands in the 1960s and 1970s. Opposed top independent men such as Eddie Rose, Pete Lindbergh, Jack Martin and Johnny South whilst working for opposition promoters Grant Foderingham, Jack Taylor, Jack Cassidy, Danny Flynn and Fred Woolley.

Julien Morice
French lightweight champion from Toulouse but largely domiciled in Britain from 1961.  Real name Pierre Maurice Julien.  He had been lightweight weightlifting record holder of France 1950 to 1952 and went on in 1955 to defeat Modesto Aledo for the European lightweight wrestling championship.  Lost and regained his national and European titles, only to have to relinquish them when called up for the French army during the Algerian campaign in the late fifties.  A great success rate during his early sixties peak in the UK and a credible opponent for George Kidd in many lightweight classics.  His sapping backbreaker was legendary.  

Feuded for a while with Mick McManus.  Tagged for a short while with Al Miquet as the Entente Cordiale.  His main tag claim to fame was participation alongside Zoltan Boscik in the first ever tag match at the Royal Albert Hall, where the international pairing went down to the Cortez Brothers.

Approachable to fans in his horn-rimmed glasses, we were always assured of stylish technique when this tiniest of wrestlers was on the bill.  Slipped noticeably in stature in the seventies, losing at the bottom of a Royal Albert Hall bill to Al Nicol.  Stoutly championed by a proud son-in-law on current day forums, who calls into doubt Morice's alleged interest in the occult.

Antonio Morlans
Spanish heavyweight from  Zarragossa visited Britain in 1962 and again in 1965. Lost to Steve Veidor at the Royal Albert Hall. Faced other top class opposition around the country but was often on the losing end.