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Maurice Terry

Mid heavyweight Maurice Terry was a Yorkshire lad born in the Colton district of Leeds, some six miles east of the city centre. Born on 8th December, 1939, Colton was a rural area in those days and from a young age Maurice developed a passion for farming that  was to stay with him throughout his life. 

On leaving school he started work as a farm labourer. Physical outdoor work on the farm meant that Maurice was naturally always fit and strong. Promoter George DeRelwyskow saw potential in the teenager and took him on as one of his trainees.

In the early 1960s Maurice turned professional, working mostly for Relwyskow & Green with opponents that included Barry Douglas, Brian Trevors, Cyril Morris and Lee Sharon. Lee Sharon was also a good friend and neighbour of Maurice, the two of them sharing a love of horses and sometimes travelling together to wrestling venues.

Unfortunately, little is known about Maurice’s wrestling career that we estimate spanned from 1962 until the late 1960s, almost certainly no later than 1970. We have also found a Terry Morris working for independent promoters and wonder if this too could have been him.  Maurice married Maureen in 1970 and within a few years he and his wife started a family. The demands from George DeRelwyskow to travel to distant Scottish venues became too great and  Maurice chose to concentrate on farm work and the responsibilities of bringing up his two daughters.

Maurice’s two daughters recall their father taking them on day trips to view some of the halls in which he had wrestled. They still have his wrestling boots and shorts and would very much like to learn more of his wrestling career. If you saw Maurice Terry wrestle please do get in touch with us at the usual Wrestling Heritage email address.

Maurice Terry died on 30th August, 2011.Maurice Terry died on 30th August, 2011.

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