M: Keith Myatt

Keith Myatt

Keith Myatt turned professional in 1982, making his debut at Blackpool against Dave Duran. Duran has a reputation for not taking fools gladly, and fortunately Keith was no fool. Forty years after making that debut he could still be seen entertaining the fans and maintaining the tradition of proper British wrestling.

Keith was born in Newcastle under Lyme on 29th July, 1959, the son of a butcher. As a youngster he watched the Saturday night wrestling at the Victoria Hall, Hanley. Surprisingly the first live event he attended was when he was seven years old, it was 1966, and he saw the unmasking of Count Bartelli. With a bit of judo experience and continued interest in the sport he went to see Potteries wrestler Wildman John Wilkie at the pub he ran and Wilkie agreed to train him.

A couple of years later he was working for Joint Promotions, sharing a ring with the likes of Big Daddy, Johnny Saint and Brian Maxine and appearing in front of his local fans in the Victoria Hall.

Keith was inducted into the British Wrestlers Reunion Hall of Fame  in recognition of his contribution to British wrestling in five decades.

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