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Hurricane in the 1980s

Hurricane Keith Haward

Sometimes the realities of life just get in the way. The reality of 1980s professional wrestling was that it was in decline. Amongst the shortcomings of management at the time was a failure to maximise the potential of some of the most skilled men around.  Hurricane Keith Haward could well have been a household name for years to come had it not been for the demise of professional wrestling.

In the 1980s he was one of the few new entrants that didn't just ooze class but could engage the fans. He was a wonderful antidote to the shenanigans going on in so many matches at the time.

Keith Haward was born in Dartford, Kent on  on 28th June, 1951. He came to the professional ring with first class amateur credentials, British champion in the welterweight division from 1975 to 1978. He  represented his country in the 1976 Olympic Games in  Montreal and the 1978 Commonwealth Games. In the Olympics Keith lost his first two matches to the Romanian Marin Pircalabu and Jarmo Overmark of Finland,  leading to his elimination.  He won a bronze medal in the 1978 Commonwealth Games  

Turning  professional  he successfully made the transition from amateur champion to a very believable professional.  Keith Haward quickly transformed into Hurricane Haward. By the early 1980s he was established as a top class professional and one of a minority of wrestlers in that decade that not just maintained our interest but excited us.

He wrestled on television more than twenty times in the 1980s, still remembered by fans for his exhilarating contests with  Jon Cortez, which must have been one of the most frequent match-ups in wrestling history. The final round of a match against Clive Myers is another still remembered some forty years later, both men going at it hammer and tongs to get the winner, but to no avail.

He was three times holder of the European Middleweight title as the belt was passed between Keith, Mal Sanders and Clive Myers between 1981 and 1986. We turned to www.wrestling-titles.com for details of championship success. Keith won the European title from Mal Sanders on 29th April, 1981, dropping it to Clive Myers in February, 1983, regaining it in July  and dropping it to Sanders again in January, 1984. Keith took the title for a third time in April, 1986, retaining their recognition until he moved to All Star Promotions the following year.

Had wrestlers of Keith’s calibre been allowed to thrive many more would have been cheering British wrestlers into the 21st century.
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