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John Cox
Nineteen stone John Cox took a career break from the ambulance service in 1965 and spent over ten years meeting the best professional wrestlers that Britain could offer, including Albert Wall, Count Bartelli, and Kendo Nagasaki. He was a popular wrestler who made numerous television appearances, but never truly climbed to the top rung of the professional ladder. After getting involved in martial arts through judo  John Cox trained as an amateur wrestler at the Tingley Amateur Wrestling Club as an apprentice of former heavyweight champion, Ernie Baldwin. John's interest in wrestling began when he served as a first aid volunteer at the SS Empire shows in York. With limited amateur experience he was offered a professional debut in October 1962, against fellow Yorkshireman Jim Armstrong, at Grantham. Two more contests quickly followed, against Jesse Hodgson and Ken Manning. By then John realised that if he was serious about wrestling he needed to learn a lot more, and so he took a break of about a year whilst he really learned the business. He returned on a part time basis in October, 1963 and  devoted his full time to the sport from 1965 until he returned to part time wrestling and ambulance driving in 1970. As a paramedic he was airlifted by the RAF from Pocklington to Lockerbie to assist with the Lockerbie air disaster. Following his retirement John Cox was involved in local politics as an independent councillor for many years.

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