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Jock Campbell

This Mad Scot's An Englishman

Jock Campbell

Jock Cameron, Harry Strickland, Hal Strickland)

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Big, bearded and brutish Jock Cameron looked the part of a great wrestling villain, which he was. He began his career as Hal Strickland but was soon transformed by clever promoters into Jock Campbell, the brother of Wild Angus. Trained by Dominic Pye.on the Lancashire coast where he was born Jock’s early career was as a top of the bill heavyweight on independent shows. He was at his best in partnership with Angus, and the two enraged fans throughout the world. Jock wrestled throughout Europe, North America and Canada. Jock joined Joint Promotions in 1967, where he was re-named Jock Cameron . Joint Promotions failed to capitalise on the potential of Jock Cameron and he spent much of his later career wrestling overseas.

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