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Jim Morgan

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The Fabulous Harlequins

The best of wrestling and wrestlers were not always seen on television. Hundreds of wrestlers worked for independent or opposition promoters and did not have the opportunity to appear on television. It was the television viewer that missed out. The Fabulous Harlequins are a case in point.

Anything those Royal brothers, Borg twins or Cortez brothers could do The Fabulous Harlequins could match. We are talking super fast here ... lightning tags, flips over  the top rope, whizzing across the ring followed by a dropkick, then another, and often another for good measure. Super fast and skilful enough for Eddie Rose, a man who we greatly respect, to tell us that he was an admirer of the Morgan brothers for both their wrestling skill and their incredible speed.

The Harlequins were identical twins from Ayr, David and Jim Simpson. In singles contests they would use the names Jim and Scott Morgan or sometimes tag as the Morgan Twins.  Their father was a huge fan and timekeeper, ring-second and occasional referee, David Simpson. David and his wife, Madge, had four sons, Hugh, Jim, David and Alex. 

Living in the Ayrshire village of Mossblown the boys' earliest memories  include wandering down to their uncle and aunt's house, in the same village, to watch the wrestling on television. 

When Andy and Bill Bryden opened their wrestling gym in the village the twins decided to pursue their interest with an ambition to wrestle professionally. At the gym  they trained alongside Ian Miller, Jeff Bradley and Scott Thomson. 

By day Jimmy worked in a large steel stamping works and David in a carpet factory, but by night they were transformed into a colourful and exciting tag team. Always the good guys, they were at their best when facing the bad boys like Adrian Street and Bobby Barnes, and masked men Les Diables Rouges and the team of The Viking and The Scorpion.

Starting out in 1973 they were always in demand and are mostly remembered working together as a tag team. They worked for numerous promoters that included Jack Atherton, Max Crabtree, Relwyskow & Green, Spartan, Orig Williams and Andy Robin.  In individual matches opponents included tv personalities Steve Young and Keith Martinelli, often the plucky losers that allowed the stars to shine.

They never let the fans down and always gave their best. For fans in England it’s tempting to think less of those who worked “Only in Scotland.”  Yet working the halls of Scotland required greater travelling than for many of those working south of the border. For Jim and David, or any of the other Mossblown wrestlers, a booking in Dundee was a 240 miles round trip, or  260 miles to Forfar; 280 miles to Berwick; 450 miles to Elgin. This is long distance work by anyone’s standard, often on roads more difficult than those found south of the border.

By the early 1980s life was moving on for the two brothers. Jim got married and started to breed horses whilst David joined the oil industry and travelled the world. Oil and horses! What a way to lose two of our promising young wrestlers.