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Luis Enrique Edo Juan 

A trio of visits were made to the Uk between 1964 and 1966 by this popular Spanish heavyweight imported by Arthur Green on behalf of Joint Promotions.  A tall, skilful wrestler he came to our shores following a couple of  years experience in France. Apart from wrestling Edo Juan also played classical pieces on the piano and had studied law in Spain before turning professional wrestler.  In 1968 and 1970 he wrestled in Japan for the International Wrestling Enterprise (IWE) promotion, using the name Enrque Edo. David Sutherland recalls, “When Barry Douglas  fought Robert Duranton on television and the latter's servant began interfering it was Enrique Edo Juan who ran into the ring to help Douglas out. I saw Enrique once at Newcastle where he was most charming and friendly but claimed not to speak any English yet a few weeks later The Wrestler did a feature on him saying he was fluent in our language.”

Frank Judson

Frank Judson, born Frank Jedlenski, set foot in Britain for the first time in February, 1934, having crossed the Atlantic on the Europa with his friend Ivan Seric (Jack Sherry). Thirty-seven years old Frank did not wrestle in Britain at that time but was en-route to Johannesburg in South Africa. He returned to New York in July and was not back in Britain until 1936 when he  had only a few matches. He brought good  credentials as  trainer of wrestling at Harvard University.  By then he had been wrestling professionally for more than ten years, starting out in 1922. A very promising career was hampered by serious injury in the mid 1920s. For a while it remained very doubtful that he would return to the ring. He did make it back, but reports are that he no longer had the potential to make it to the top. In Britain he was given the opportunity to unmask the Masked Wrestler, who had been doing the rounds and unbeaten for about a year. Judson did his duty and revealed the face of the familiar Louis Pergantes after just fourteen minutes of wrestling..

Maurice Jung

In October 1970 French wrestler Maurice Jung, the self styled French Hippy was kind enough to pop over from his Parisien home to lose  to Jackie Pallo at the Royal Albert. He made a colourful sight in  his only London appearance with his bright blue tights, yellow silk tassles and an assortment of beads and bracelets. Pallo finished him off in the fourth round with a piledriver.