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J: Johnson - Jonathan

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Ron Johnson
A first rate heavyweight from Hartlepool who worked on bills throughout the north from 1946 until 1961.  Ron was small as a youngster until he joined the Horden health and Strength Club. This built him up to a well proportioned, muscular teenager. He took up amateur boxing and was the middleweight champion of his station whilst serving as a P.T. instructor in the R.A.F.  On leaving the army he took up wrestling and turned professional shortly after the war. For well over a decade Ron wrestled mostly in northern England and Scotland against first rate opponents that included the likes of Billy Joyce, Francis St Clair Gregory, Eric Taylor and Billy Howes. Following his retirement he went on to become a referee in Joint Promotion rings. (Photo left)

Strangler Johnson
George Johnson of Sheffield was a very rough wrestler who took up the sport soon after it was introduced to Britain. Strangler Johnson and Carl Romsky had wrestled each other many times before, buy tragedy occurred on 3rd March, 1933.  when Strangler died  at Sheffield Railway station following their match.  Police officers who were present at the match described it as savage and brutal. At the inquest the jury returned a verdict of death from heart failure.  The inquest, recording a verdict of death by heart failure, added that wrestling ought to be barred, with the Coroner adding that all-in wrestling seemed to be an unlawful sport, and when a combatant died as a result his opponent was liable to a charge of manslaughter. Questions about the death of Strangler Johnson and the need to regulate wrestling,  were raised in Parliament.

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