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Harry Brooks

Harry Brooks was a stalwart of British professional wrestling for twenty years, bridging both sides of the Second World War. 

The family name was Brook, without the “s,” and Harry was born in Huddersfield on 31st January, 1911, son of fruiterer Willie Brook and his wife Ruth.. 

Harry's career began right at the start of the introduction of the All-In rules in 1930. He was trained by Douglas Clark and made his professional debut against Sid Weston at Batley on 10th May, 1931, a match we are unable to verify but does seem feasible as we have found him wrestling Weston the following month.

Said to be tall, dark and handsome he was nonetheless a Heavyweight ruffian rather than a textbook stylist. His style gained him the nicknames of the “Huddersfield Hurricane” and “Huddersfield Flyer.”

By 1939 Harry had moved to London and was living in Wembley Naturally Harry served in the forces during the Second World War, in the Royal Air Force. He wrestled whenever leave allowed and was billed as Sergeant Brooks of the R.A.F. 

After the war he  was one of the first wrestlers to appear on television, facing Anaconda in a match on the BBC in 1947.  Harry had some epic battles against the legendary Bert Assirati, not to mention other greats such as Bulldog Bill Garnon, Wild Tarzan and Dave Armstrong.

He was allowed the honour of recognition as the Northern England Light Heavyweight Champion, said to have been won at the Lanes Club in London, but we have found no evidence. 

Heritage member “The Ost” found Harry visiting New Zealand in 1977, visiting fellow wrestler and old time rival Leo Lightbody.

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