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Halcones D’Oro

(Tomas Trujillo and Jose Gomez)
A pair of Peruvians who worked in Britain masked and unmasked intermmitently  in the 1960s.  The hooded Los Halcones D’Oro,  “Golden Hawks (or Falcons)” made an imposing entrance to the ring in their colourful gold and red costumes. Decades later we vividly recall the one occasion we saw them in action at a live venue in one of their trio of visits to Britain, twice in their masked guise.

The masked pairing flew in for the winter seasons of 1967 and 1968, working mostly in northern England for Morrell & Beresford, Relwyskow and Green and Wryton Promotions.  Following their dramatic entrance in their colourful costumes they would get down to the usual business of a bit of tag team skulduggery.

From their arrival in Britain at the beginning of November, 1967, we find them facing a range of opponents that included regular teams such as the White Eagles, Saints, Yorkshire Terriers  and Black Diamonds as well as oddities such as Billy Robinson and Les Kellett, Steve Viedor and Bob Kirkwood, and supposed enemies Ian and Angus Campbell. Yet it was their routine against the Royal brothers that must have worked like a well oiled machine as it was repeated time and time again up an down the country, more than 50% of their matches we uncovered.
Appearances of the masked pair for Dale Martin Promotions were limited to a couple of weeks in November, 1968, not long before they left our shores.  

Surprisingly, they did wrestle unmasked for Dale Martin quite a few times during their tours in in 1966, 1967 and  1968. Highlight was  an appearance on the Royal Albert Hall October show, where one suffered a third round knock out against Mike Marino in a World Mid Heavyweight Championship contest and the other lost to HoneyBoy Zimba.

Beneath the masks were Tomas Alumni Trujillo and Jose Fico Gomez. Both had been in the UK a year earlier, 1966, billed as Tomas Trujillo and Jose Gomez. As well as wrestling in singles matches Trujillo partnered Roberto Ruiz Flores Negrete as one half of Los Gauchos tag team.  It was Trujillo who had lost to Marino at the Royal Albert Hall. That may have been considered a highlight, but then a straight falls defeat by Johnny Czeslaw must have been the low point.
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