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G: Gargantua - Garner


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Gargantua (Also known as Man Mountain Moran, Hombre Montana, Black Mask)
Not the first Gargantua in British rings (for him you will need to look at the entry of Kurt Zehe). The second Gargantua was the less exotic sounding Jim Moran, from Leeds, who also towered over most opponents, but at a more realistic 6’7”. and weighing twenty-one stones. 

Moran created quite a buzz around the wrestling world when he first appeared in the ring, it having been a very long time since anyone quite so tall had been seen. 

He was one of the many who the knowledgeable Kent Walton told millions of viewer he knew nothing because the man refused to talk to him whilst all readers of The Wrestler knew he was Jim Moran of Leeds. 

Whilst Moran had some skill his robotic style did little to create a free-flowing contest. The crowds liked him, though, or at least liked to boo him, and at the end of the sixties and early seventies he was a regular feature on British bills. On occasions used the name Hombre Montana and for a brief period in 1971 was another Black Mask, though it's hard to understand how his identity could have been much of a secret.
Also see the entry for Kurt Zehe

Al Garmain
Parisien heavyweight visited Britain in 1961 and 1962 for Dale Martin Promotions, wrestling the top mid heavies and heavyweights of the time. Lost to Johnny Czeslaw at the Royal Albert Hall. 

Juan Garmo
We have just two recorded matches for Liverpool's Juan Garmo (known as Mr Coney Island), real name John McIntosh, one in 1947 and one in 1948. Information is being sought by his granddaughter, Kim, and Heritage reader Terry Nelson. 

Jimmy Garner
The heavyweight from West Ham turned professional in 1957 and wrestled for Dale Martin Promotions throughout the south for six years before disappearing from the wrestling scene.