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Ernie Mack

As so often in wrestling people were not all they appeared. Ernie (or Ern) Mack was not the New Zealand champion, and he wasn’t even Ernie Mack. He was George Edward Jessop of Liverpool, born on 21st April, 1903 and the son of a lamplighter. By day he was a life insurance agent collecting payments from Merseyside households and travelling on his bicycle.   By night he was Ernie Mack champion wrestler.

With professional wrestling only taking off in the 1930s he was a late starter, having reached his thirtieth birthday when we find him at Liverpool Stadium wrestling Bulldog Clayton in October, 1933. Stadium promoter William Bankier must have rated him highly as he wrestled frequently at the Stadium in the 1930s, the one hall where he was billed as the local boy. By his second year of wrestling professionally he was taking on more well known names like Johanfesson, Jack Wentworth and Stan Roberts. When not in Liverpool on Friday night he could be found just about anywhere, as Ernie was a very busy worker in all parts of the country throughout the 1930s.

In October, 1939 Ernie was knocked off his bicycle by a motor car. He was awarded £175 compensation for loss of earnings over a twelve month period. He returned to the ring for a couple of matches in August 1940 and was then seen no more.

Ernie Mack died on 17th September, 1978.

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