M:  Earl Maynard

Born in Barbados in November 1935 Earl Maynard was a wrestler with muscles on his muscles.

To say that he had a fine physique hardly does justice for this man who won a competition in Montreal in 1959 to be named "World's Most Muscular Man." His list of body building accomplishments is long, among them the Mr Europe title in 1959, Mr England in 1960, Mr Universe Pro in 1964, Mr Universe in 1965 and 1978 Mr America title. Not bad considering that he was told not to play football at school because his body was too frail.

In 1955 we found Earl winning the Mr Barbados title. The following year he was a trainee physiotherapist in North Kensington, placed third in the Mr London competition and talking of his aspirations to become Mr Universe. He went one better in 1957 and won the Mr London competition which was held at Caledonian Road Baths. At the time he was regularly attending the Foresters Amateur Wrestling and Weight Lifting Club and the Men's Institute in Wornington Road, Kensington.

Called up for national service and while serving in the Royal Air Force based in Cyprus he began to take an interest in wrestling. Earl was quite open in admitting that professional wrestling was a means to support his competitive body building ambitions. The idea of using wrestling in this way came following discussion with body builder Bill Parkinson who was also earning money in the ring.

Earl turned professional wrestler in 1960. We find him working for the independent promoters in 1960, and by August 1961 signed up by Joint Promotions. In the summer of 1962 working the German tournaments.

There is little point in listing Earl's opponents as it would include every leading 1960s heavyweight. Television appearances began with a 1962 match against Jack Pye and ended in 1965 in a contest with Gordon Nelson. In September, 1962 he made his Royal Albert Hall debut, knocked out by Bruno Elrington in the sixth round.

Earl Maynard left British shores in 1966, his tenure in Britain far too short. Earl went on to find even greater success in the United States. Twice American Tag Champion (with Rocky Johnson and Dory Dixon) Earl was listed as one of the WWE top wrestlers of all time. Following his retirement from wrestling Earl turned to acting, and appeared in many films before turning to film producing and directing.

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