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Dennis Dean

Our recollection of Dennis Dean is as one of those appearing on independent shows in the 1960s.  His introduction to British rings was actually for Dale Martin and Joint Promotions, with a couple of television appearances in 1961.

Dennis Dean was born in Hobart on 23rd September, 1934. A collection of jobs that included Sheep shearing and cattle driving led up to a professional wrestling career that began in Sydney in 1954.  Five years and 10,000 miles later he made his debut  in Britain for Dale Martin Promotions and was set to become a full time worker,  mainly in the south, for the next half dozen years. 

In 1962 he followed in the footsteps of numerous other Joint Promotion workers and moved over to the independents, a regular worker on Paul Lincoln shows. Dave Larsen, Doctor Death, The Wild Man of Borneo and Hans Streiger were among his opponents.  Dennis Dean continued to work regularly until the end of 1965 but disappeared from the circuit following the Paul Lincoln merger with Dale Martin in January, 1966. On occasions he would tag with fellow Australian, Aussie Dean (known in Joint Promotion rings as Otto Acron) and also worked with Otto as part of his circus strong man act, when they were known as the Acron brothers. 

Dennis came to national prominence in 1962 when he and Otto  bought a Russian brown bear and were granted a licence by London County Council to train and wrestle him. The  bear, named Basil, was given a new name considered more suitable for a 25 stone brawler, Igor.  The Royal Society of Cruelty to Animals were outraged a mounted a fierce campaign to successfully get at least some of the events banned. The animal rights campaigners succeeded but the commotion did bring valuable national press coverage.

With the absorption of Paul Lincoln Management into Dale Martin Promotions Dennis Dean disappeared from our rings. We would like to learn more.

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