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Danny Collins

Bristol born Danny Collins was a fans favourite from the day he wrestled Adrian Finch in his professional debut in 1983, aged just sixteen.

Danny’s style was was fast and furious, but he complemented his athleticism and agility with good wrestling skill. Having said that, one of Danny’s backwards summersaults from the top rope, was a site to behold. His breathtaking style in the ring was matched with his meteoric climb to fame.

National popularity was secured with a television debut in January 1984 when he defeated Peter Kaye. He sensationally returned to television two months later to beat British champion Jim Breaks. Now we were certain there was a new kid on the block. The win over Breaks established Danny as one of our top welterweights, culminating in another win over Jim Breaks at the Royal Albert Hall in March 1984 to snatch the British welterweight title.

The following year Danny was in the main event of the F.A. Cup Final Spectacular television broadcast and defeated Baron Von Chenok to add the European welterweight title to his collection.

As one of the bright stars of 1980s wrestling it was inevitable that promoter Max Crabtree recruited Danny as one of Big Daddy's regular tag partners, a dubious honour in our opinion. This did, though, keep Danny in the limelight at a difficult time for British wrestling and he maintained a remarkably healthy booking schedule throughout the 1980s and 1990s as the business went into decline. In the final five years of ITV wrestling Danny appeared on television around forty times with opponents that included Jim Breaks, Steve Grey and Fit Finlay.

It was in singles contests that his talent shone as he established himself as one of the top lighter men of the 1980s and many years beyond. Danny was a three times British welterweight champion between 1984 and 1989. In July, 1989, he defeated Dave Finlay at Croydon to win the British Heavy Middleweight title, beginning the first of two reigns as champion. In 1991 a win over Owen Hart begin a five year tenure as World Middleweight Champion. As if that wasn't enough Danny beat Alan Kilby for the British Light Heavyweight Championship in 1996, losing it back to the Sheffield wrestler the following year.

Danny Collins continued wrestling in Britain and Europe until 2013, certainly one of our brightest wrestling stars of his time. His involvement in wrestling continued as he took on the role of training aspiring wrestlers of the future.

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