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Mick Duffy
We would like to learn more about Carnforth's Mick Duffy, brought to our attention by Heritage member Beancounter. Beancounter remembers Mick Duffy from working on the independent shows in the 1960s, both as himself and in the guise of masked wrestler “The Mask.” Beancounter  discovered that Duffy was a lorry driver for  Hartley’s Sand and Gravel in Carnforth. Mick Duffy is remembered mostly for his work for independent promoters but did work for Joint Promotions in the second half of the 1960s.

Jaime Dula
Jaime Dula (often Anglicised to Jamie) was a muscular heavyweight from Morocco spent most of his career working in France and Germany, with visits to Britain in between 1958 and 1963. Mostly worked in the north but ventured further south in the 1960s. His big moments were at the Royal Albert Hall  with  aloss to Maori  John Da Silva in October, 1959, and a drawn verdict against Albert Wall in 1963. So regular were his appearances in Britain during this time we suspect he may have set up home in the country.

Cyril Dummer (Also known as Cocky Watson, Rough House Watson)
Born in Newbury in 1930 Cyril Dummer was a Light heavyweight who trained under Bruno Elrington at Bruno's  gym in Portsomouth.  An agricultural mechanic by trade he began professional wrestling in 1956, working for Joint Promotions and facing classy opposition such as Eddie Capelli, Jim Lewis and Chic Purvey.  In the summer of 1959, he set up his own training school in the Hampshire village of Cowplain and began promoting his own shows. During the 1960s he worked for the independent promoters and was seen occasionally in the 1970s using the name Cocky Watson or Rough House Watson. Cyril Dummer died on 17th May, 2020.

Rene Dupont
Acclaimed as French welterweight champion Rene Dupont made sporadic visits to Britain between 1933 and 1938. Reports are of a very skilled wrestler who had classic encounters with the best of the lighter men, including George deRelwyskow, and veteran Peter Gotz.

Rene Duprez
French Welterweight escaped from occupied France in 1942 and joined the Free French Army as well as wrestling occasionally around London

Dave Duran
One of the hard men of wrestling who emerged onto the 1970s wrestling scene in Blackpool under the guidance of Bobby Barron. Well, Bobby and dad, because Dave (John Palin) is the son of wrestler Harry Palin. Dave's debut, just 16 years old, came sooner than he expected, when he was called to substitute for a wrestler who failed to appear. Dave Duran was born in Widnes, so rugby was his first sporting love, and played league for Widnes. Dave appeared regularly on television in the 1970s and 1980s. His reputation amongst fans was as an all action wrestler, whilst his reputation amongst colleagues was as a very hard man to wrestle.

Robert Duranton
Whether it was the silk gowns, the long blond hair, the posing or the disregard for the rules, or a combination of all of them, something made the flamboyant Frenchman Robert Duranton one of the most unpopular heavyweights of the 1950s and 1960s. A strutting peacock who slowly disrobed, to the jeers of the crowd, to revaeal a muscular body that had earned the Mr France title on no less than four occasions.  Eddie Rose remembers, "Duranton was the possesser of a Mr Universe build, tanned, long hair and rather camp."  Known as the “Orchid Man” he found success on both sides of the Atlantic, usually accompanied by his valet, Firman, who would unsurprisingly tend to get involved in the match to his master's advantage. He first visited Britain in 1957, wrestling mainly in the north,but returning for southern fans the following year. In the years that followed Robert Duranton would make frequent short visits to Britain most years until 1966; working throughout the country, usually for Joint Promotions but flirting with the independents in the early 1960s.
Paul Duval (Kent)
This Paul Duval remained something of a mystery to us until recently when we met up with him at the Kent Reunion in August, 2010. We knew of his existence, and had seen photos of this other 1960s Paul Duval who was definitely not the Paul Duval we knew. He was  not a heavyweight, did not have Caribbean heritage, and looked as though he had never blown up a hot water bottle until it exploded.  Jack Burns was a  young middleweight who made his professional debut in 1960, working for the independent promoters. A quirk of fate led to him acquiring the name Paul Duval a few years later. Jack was working for London based promoter Tony Di Marto.  When a French wrestler, Paul Duval, failed to show up for one of Tony's shows the promoter asked Jack to step in, and introduced him to the unsuspecting fans as Paul Duval of France!  After retiring from wrestling Paul reverted to his birth name and became a professional toastmaster.

Arnold Dyson
Born in Oldham and working in Liverpool as a  policeman Arnold Dyson is remembered for his body building achievements as winner of the Mr Universe competition in 1953 and The ‘Worlds Strongest Man’ title. Less known is that Arnold had a short wrestling career in 1954, often billed as Mr Universe. Born in 1926 Arnold Dyson died on 2nd July, 2009. aged 83.

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