H: Cowboy Rick Hunter

Cowboy Rick Hunter

Cowboy  Rick Hunter  visited Britain in 1981, working for both Joint Promotions and Brian Dixon. By then he was a ring veteran of almost a quarter of a century, a talented wrestler who remained one of those often overlooked prophets without honour in their own country.  Stubbornly billed as American by British promoters, maybe they considered it more exciting, Rick Hunter was actually a Canadian, born Charles Sprott in Winnipeg, Canada, on 1st March, 1936.

In Britain he impressed all those who saw him, a powerful 17 stone 6 feet 1 inch tall well respected wrestler.  Although given the image of the stereotypical Yank with attitude he did rather impress the fans with his wrestling skill. He was a genuinely skilful and technical wrestler, not at all what we were usually led to expect from swaggering Yanks. 

His three televised matches, very different against John Elijah, Mal Kirk and Wayne Bridges, are all matches that would give long time wrestling fans hope for the 1980s. Against Kirk he plays the part of allowing the great villain look his most villainous, whilst the Bridges match is a heavyweight classic. He was a perfect fit for opponents ranging from rule benders John Quinn and Jim Harris to technicians Tony St Clair and Pete Roberts.

Apart from wrestling for the NWA, AWA and WWF in North America he also wrestled in Japan, Australia and the United Kingdom.

Rick Hunter died on 8th February, 2022.

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