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Bobby Barnes

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The peacock strutted his stuff.


All he needed to do was pose in the ring, sneer at the crowd and arrogance simply seeped from Bobby Barnes’ pores. There he stood in all his glory, absorbing the boos and jeers of the fans booed and jeered.

This was just the start of the ritual as he carefully removed his gold coloured gown , only to toss it away, and receive more jeers from the fans.

Bobby Barnes did his job well. He was derided by fans throughout the land. Barnes was a 5’7” middleweight from Lewisham who learned the business at the Symbric Wrestling Club, Lewisham, which he had joined when he was eleven years old.

Entry into the professional ranks came in 1958, thanks to Dale Martin Promotions, and it was something of a baptism of fire with opponents during the first few weeks including Mick McManus, Jackie Pallo and Len Wilding.

Owner of a ladies hairdressing salon Bobby was famous for his blond locks, of which he took great care.

Each year seemed to see Bobby’s hair grow longer and blonder, his cloaks and boots more colourful.

His character became even more larger than life when he teamed with Adrian Street as the Hells Angels tag team. Colour television was made for this pair!

Rather sadly and abruptly Street departed Joint Promotions about 1974 and Bobby never really regained his same confidence or status, contenting himself with sprayed on hair colouring and even growing a moustache.

He continued working until the early years of the twenty-first century, and also trained newcomers to the business at the Dropkixx Wrestling Club.

Let’s remember him as the real blond bombshell of 1971! 

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