R: Bill Robertson

Bill Robertson

Jim Watt the boxer, Moira Stewart the singer and wrestler Bill Robertson have something in common. They were all born eight miles north of Glasgow in a small town called Kirchintilloch .

We all know that wrestling promoters enjoyed making use of their creative talents. So, why use a name like Bill when you could use a Continental wonderboy name like Enrico Pirelli? Why indeed? Bill had the talent and the fans appreciated it. Bill Robertson on the bill should have been good enough. Don’t take our word for it. Wrestler Eddie Rose said, Top man! Skillful and fast. Met him several times in Scotland.

For Bill a good amateur background at the Old Mossblown Gym in Ayr led to a good professional wrestling career, though sadly restricted to north of the border. Bill turned professional in the 1960s, working mainly for the independent promoters. He did wrestle occasionally for Joint Promotions, though work commitments prevented him from travelling too far south, thus limiting his opportunities with Joint Promotions who were more demanding in their travelling requirements.

Nevertheless, a lively independent scene in 1960s and 1970s Scotland provided no shortage of opportunities to meet quality opponents and Bill proved himself one of the best, billed as the Scottish welterweight championship for quite a few years.

He travelled throughout Scotland, which does involve often travelling hundred of miles to contests and whilst popular everywhere he was a particular favourite in Rothesay and in his native Glasgow.

Bill worked frequently for Spartan Promotions and other independent promoters against the likes of Bruce Welch, Farmer John and Dale Storm, who said, “He was a was a clever, very fast worker. He always kept himself very fit and had a real pride in being the athlete he undoubtedly was.”

In the early 1970s Bill opened his own vending machine company, which restricted his wrestling appearances until he retired from the ring in the late 1970s.

Up to the time of his death Bill met up annually with his wrestling friends at the Wrestlers Reunion Scotland held in Ayr each September.

Bill Robertson, born 11th March, 1934, died on 10th July, 2022, aged 88.