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We are sad to report the death of former wrestler Scott Thomson, a Heritage contributor under his birth name of Tommy Stevenson. Tommy was born in Govan, Glasgow. Following a chance encounter with Dale Storm after a show he was persuaded to attend Dale's gym for a tryout. Having been taken under the wing of several top stars, he emerged as a formidable opponent, not only in his own lightweight division, but could hold his own with most in higher brakets as well. Being one of the fastest and strongest in the lightweight class, he excelled in the ring in most of his one to one contests and even found some fame along with his regular tag team partner Jeff Bradley when it came to a four up. Occasional spells as a referee helped improve his overall knowledge and understanding of the finer points of wrestling and he quickly became a huge crowd pleaser nationwide. Amongst his toughest opponents he lists Ireland's Michael O'Hagan, Jim Morgan (the younger twin in The Fabulous Harlequins Tag Team), also former (independent) British Lightweight Champion Ian McKenzie and Aberdeen's Len Ironside. His greatest achievement must be Perth, in the late 1970's where with the bout evenly balanced at one fall each, an accidental shoulder injury prevented a first career win, over one of the UK's best ever, Mr Johnny Saint! After he retired Scott moved to the Scottish Borders where he and his wife Margaret lived until her death in 2016.

British wrestling history has a name - HERITAGE

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Read of this gentleman in Dale Storms excellent book. RIP
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RIP Tommy Stevenson

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