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Anglo Italian
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I just caught the end of the BBC documentary about female wrestler Viper in Japan, Fight Like A Girl..

First of all, what a great bout the final one was, a perfect match of classical British style with the best elements of US style.  I think this cocktail results in Japanese style, so well done them.

Anyway, one "British" element that really struck me was their use of false finishes.  It made it so exciting, even in these edited highlights.  I was on the edge of my seat.

And so my mind goes back to "our" wrestling.  Those false finishes were great, and really teased our emotions, bringing us up and lowering us back down.

Only skilful wrestlers could manage those mesmerising little flurries of three, four, five false finishes in a row.  Do you remember?  Steve Grey, Johnny Saint, Eddie Capelli, Ken Joyce - these were the masters of false finishes as I recall, but Steve Viedor and Wayne Bridges also knew how to manage them.

False finishes:  a very visual and emotional concept, and one that is hard to describe with words.  But possibly the most exciting part of a wrestling show, or individual bout.

Can anyone help me to convey the excitement here?


Still trying to work out what was going on!

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matey dave
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getting 4 bouts sounds good business as long as she doe not get capped upon. sharring a flat with her oppenent looked interesting. bit like eddie capelli and mick mcmanus driving in the same car


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False finishes can be good but WWE do it to death with a lot of matches well into double figures. It just bores and frustrates so may fans
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