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Anglo Italian
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Thanks to David for this today:

Tommy "Jack Dempsey" Moore was the only ever Empire/Commonwealth Welterweight Champion.

Won tournament to become the inaugural champion in '54.

Held for 12 years, by the end as a quadruple crown with the British/Euro/Wolrd (Euro version) Welterweight titles.

Vacated the lot when he had to retire suddenly in '66 and the Commonwealth Wwt title has remained vacant for 52 years.

This sets me to thinking that the Commonwealth titles must be the most sprawling and unsystematic that we have.  Yes, even worse than Regional Titles.

Our investigations of Count Bartelli have been exhaustive and surprising at Heavyweight.

David's conclusion above of a belt unclaimed for 52 years is astonishing.

I have always been fascinated by the Commonwealth Mid-Heavyweight Championship, as held by Andy Robin

Have there ever been Commonwealth titles at all weights?


Still trying to work out what was going on!

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Ruslan Pashayev
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Thanks for posting, appreciate. I always was very interested to learn more about Count Bartelli title/claims...would highly appreciate any info on the origin of his title. I wonder when/where/and whom he defeated to become a Commonwealth champion. Thanks to everyone.

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Bernard Hughes
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I have never heard of a commonwelth mid-heavyweight title,and if it was around in the 1950's I am sure that I would have.

I might even have got a look at it because Norman Walsh, at that time, was the long time holder of most midheavy titles.


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David Mantell
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Every weight division except Heavy Middleweight had an active Empire or Commonwealth title at some point:







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David Mantell
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And nope, no Norman Walsh at Mid Heavy.  just Andy Robin and Mike Marino.  Robin won it in Canada in '64 beating one Doug Noble in a tournament final (most likely some locally created Commonwealth Junior Heavyweight title, perhaps from Stu Hart's teritory in Stampede?), brought it back home, got given Mountevans recognition, eventually jobbed it to Marino who added it to his multiple crown at Mid Heavy which all got vacated when he died in '81.

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David Mantell
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By the way, Wrestling Titles does still have the Welterweight and Lightweight titles on the site; they just seem to have been deleted off the contents page for no apparent reason:



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