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john 94
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CORTEZ BROS - recently watching on TRUE channel a circa 1968 AVENGERS episode , in the background a poster advertising Wrestling and the CORTEZ BROS were on that bill possibly Catford/Lewisham area venue - Joint promtions - this wasnt the first time Ive noticed the said poster (i think Jackie Pallo appeared on an early 1960s AVENGERS episode where he toils with Honor Blackman - the 1968 episode would have featured Diana Rigg with Patrick Macnee -

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Those were the days. It was almost a hobby in itself watching out for wrestling posters in the background on tv sets. They popped up regularly.


British wrestling - great characters but the plot was always a bit of a mystery.

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Now so many promotions rely on the internet to advertise with posters becoming rare
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ken sowden
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I am very pleased to confirm that Jon Cortez will be one of our many guests at this years British Wrestlers Reunion on Sunday 12th August at The Bridges, Horton Road, South Darenth, Kent, DA4 9AX.  All are welcome.


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