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lofty waterman
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It is  a pity and a shame that the powers that be do not for what ever reason allow wrestlers to be given honnors in the new years honnors awards other sports and entertainment stars get gongs but as far as i know not many if any wrestlers have WHY  agood many wrestlers do a lot for charity etc etc.

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Lofty Waterman

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The only full time Professional wrestler I can think of who received an award in the honours list is Len Ironside although ironically I believe it was for his many years as a councillor and not his sporting prowess. 


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It's not a case of not being allowed. We had our own campaign a few years back for an honour for Mick McManus. Mick died before the decision was made.

In 2014 Birthday Honours list Malcolm Morley, Chair of the British Wrestling Association received an OBE for Services to Wrestling.

Bert Jacob, a previous Chair of the BWA received an OBE in 1972.


British wrestling - great characters but the plot was always a bit of a mystery.

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