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lofty waterman
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HI how many wrestlers  have had and still have lucky items with them when they went in the Groin (RING) ie lucky colour  etc etc I understand that Jackie TV pallo his ribbon was his lucky item when i meet him many years ago i did ask him about his ribbon l i dont know if JACKIE JR  ribbon is the same for him and yes i meet him as i will say both verry nice people to talk to also Jackie tv pallo had one of his  SAABS parked in the drive.

all the best

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Lofty Waterman

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Sapper James
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Catweazle had his toy frog.

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Tom H
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The first time I saw Irish Ivor Barret (Pat Barret), he brought a shillelagh into the ring I don't know if this was for luck but a shamrock would have been too small to be seen.


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Welterweight belt holder.

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frank thomas
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Kevin Conneely had a shillelagh, and of course, Catweazle had his lucky toad. And not forgetting British Bushwhacker(Frank Casey) and his plastic chicken!
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Klondyke Bill had a horse shoe round his neck.


British wrestling - great characters but the plot was always a bit of a mystery.

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Les Prest
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Yes Hack Klondyke's horse shoe was a large one belonging to a heavy horse like a clydesdale, with a huge chain holding it around his neck. Then when the referee instructed him to take it off, he would make such an issue about it, and that would wind the audience up straight away. Klondyke could certainly sock it to em.!!! 😈 regards Les.
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