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The Riot Squad
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Nothing too dramatic, but just to let you know that the forum tab on the menu bar will be moving to the left, next to the A-Z section in the next day or two; followed by other changes to the menu bar.


British wrestling history has a name - HERITAGE

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Bill Smith
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Just for a minute I thought you had joined Brian Dixon

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Bernard Hughes
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While you are making changes, the heading on Wrestlig Heritage .co.uk says" A hobby site created by enthusiats of wrestling and wrestlers from 1930-1988.

In view of David Mantells post ,can I suggest that it be altered to :-

"from 1930 to 1996" ?


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You can indeed Bernard. You can make any suggestions you like.

But it's not one we will be acting upon. Heritage Years are 1930 to 1988.

The site has been enriched by acknowledgement of pre Heritage Years (1890 to 1930), almost entirely thanks to Ron.

Likewise David's 1989 to 1996 post in the Forum acknowledges the continued existence of pro wrestling beyond 1988. We will give that post a permanent home because it would be churlish not to do so, appreciate the work David has put into the series and rounds off the Heritage Years. We have no plans to add any more post Heritage Years items.


British wrestling - great characters but the plot was always a bit of a mystery.

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David Mantell
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>the continued existence of pro wrestling beyond 1988.

Or more to the point, the continued existence of Old School/Traditional British Wrestling beyond 1988 into a new society and a new environment for wrestling, having to share turf with an Americanised/New School scene while in orbit around a new parent star in the form of major league American Wrestling.

To me, the greatest tribute you can pay to the British Wrestling culture of the ITV Golden Years is to tell the story of how it survived.  That's something you cannot say about any US wrestling territorial culture except the New York/North East/Capitol territory.  Southern Rasslin', from Georgia to Florida to Texas to Memphis is dead.  Midwest US wrestling is dead Northwest US wrestling is dead.  Californian wrestling iis dead.  But Traditonal British Wrestling lives on.

That said, I would acknowledge that the purpose of this site is similar to the purpose of a site like Kayfabe Memories is to US wrestling and there is a reason why they have a "1989 rule" on there for WWF discussions. So long as the 1988 rule on here is not used to reinforce the myth that old school British wrestling actually dropped dead in 1988 (or 1996 for that matter), I have no problem with the 1988 rule.  

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matey dave
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in the good old day when the forum was fun much happened now they want to  move it. it is all very confusion to us old chaps



blessed are the pacemakers

really do need my medication

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