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Gary Wall
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It is with deep regret that we Gary, David and Russell announce the death of our beloved father Albert.

Funeral arrangements have been made for Rosehill crematorium, Ascot av, cantley , Doncaster .DN4 6HE

22/1/18 at 11.40.

Then after at Wheatley golf club, Armthorpe road, Doncaster. DN2 5QB

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Gary, thanks for informing us of this very sad news. Condolences to all the family. Again we have lost one of the very best.



British wrestling - great characters but the plot was always a bit of a mystery.

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frank thomas
Posts: 1536
Oh no! Two of my heroes gwyn Davies & now the great rocky wall! Fond memories of rocky in live action at Liverpool stadium.. A wrestler and gentleman in the best tradition.. My hero! Deepest sympathy to the family, RIP champ..
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Ron Historyo
Posts: 1918

This is a tough one to swallow. I loved watching Albert so much.

A real man's man....RIP



Time Detective and Multi Heritage Award Winner

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Tom H
Posts: 302

Very sad news. R.I.P  Rocky


Lightweight belt holder

Welterweight belt holder.

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A great wrestler and a great heavyweight when the weight was very competitive. He was a class above. R. I. P. Albert
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Anglo Italian
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A class apart.  What a great shame.

The same Gary brought us so much fun about 12 years ago on the forum telling us about his dad, still golfing then.  From that basis, Rocky was one of the six original Shining Stars on Wrestling Heritage.

In 1972 he actually wrestled on tv more than McManus, probably the only time anyone deposed Mick from that spot during his peak 15 years.  This was a sign of the quality of Albert Wall.  At last we had a British Heavyweight Champion who would wrestle everywhere and regularly and he did a great job.

But things changed quickly over the following two years,



Still trying to work out what was going on!

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powerlock at January 1, 2018 at 2:35 PM

A great wrestler and a great heavyweight when the weight was very competitive. He was a class above. R. I. P. Albert

Albert Wall was the best heavyweight wrestler I ever saw along with Billy Robinson.  No messing with him!   He was real wrestler and as tough as they come.  He was not called Rocky for nothing!  God bless the fabuous Rocky Wall. 

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Graham Bawden
Posts: 325
A sad loss to the wrestling world. RIP Albert Rocky Wall.

Graham Bawden. Wrestling Heritage Heavy - Middleweight Championship Belt Holder,  Wrestling Heritage Pallo Junior Award Holder, Wrestling Heritage D ` Orazio Award Holder.  Wrestling Heritage Starr Award Holder.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

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Bill Smith
Posts: 692

RIP Albert.He was one of the best.

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Peter Kinch / Little Toby
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My thoughts are with all the family. R.I.P. Rocky Little Toby.
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frank thomas
Posts: 1536
Sad start to 2018 but whenever or wherever wrestling is discussed, Albert will be remembered saw him in some great all action matches, no gimmickry just a solid wrestler who if push came to shove you know would be more than capable of handling himself. Just a plain robe with Albert Wall Doncaster on the back, if matches are made in heaven, could we have "rocky" V bert assiratti?.it would be a sell out..
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Posts: 7

One of the best. RIP Rocky

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Posts: 273

Albert was a magnificent athlete and I saw him on a number of occasions at Preston and Morecambe. Opponents on these occasions included Kendo Nagasaki and Billy Two Rivers.

 May he Rest in Peace.

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frank thomas
Posts: 1536
Still really saddened over this, the best contests I saw Albert in were with gwyn davies, along with kendo nagasaki.
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Meru Ullah
Posts: 5

Bert Asseratti, Billy Robinson now Rocky Wall 3 greats now gone. Proud to of known them as i was starting out in the late '60's on my wrestling career. Meru Ullah 'Royal Bengal Tiger'

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Dave Sutherland
Posts: 366

A favourite of mine if ever there was one and a man that personified everything great about the Golden Age of Wrestling. His bouts against Billy Joyce at Newcastle were legendary and on one occasion the top of the bill was altered to accommodate a return match the following Saturday! Any match that bore his name was a guarantee of quality wrestling be it against an equally skillfull opponent or some rule bending villain who needed putting in his place; Albert was the man for each occasion. Later when I moved to Nottingham and occasionally travelled by bus from the North East I used to look out for his transport cafe on the outskirts of Doncaster which bore his name. PIP Albert.


 Wrestling Heritage Walton Award

Wrestling Heritage Starr Award

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Sapper James
Posts: 160

Sorry for your loss, lads.

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Philip Kenyon
Posts: 273

Another great has left the ring for good. What a sad 2017 this has been.

My condolences to the family.

R.I.P. Albert Rocky Wall.



Mike Agusta (Phil Kenyon)

Wrestling Heritage D'Orazio Award Holder

Wrestling Heritage Vic Award Holder

Wrestling Heritage Pallo Snr. Award Holder

Heavy Middleweight belt Holder

Heritage Starr Award Holder
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paul kaye
Posts: 175

RIP Albert Another Wrestling legend gone to the great ring in the sky

Paul Kaye

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