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He's our latest addition to Personality Parade. One of the stalwarts of Paul Lincoln bills, but already with loads of experience. Anyone have memories ?



British wrestling history has a name - HERITAGE

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Tom H
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I recall seeing Ed at Ilford Baths in two exciting matches against Frank Price.


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Anglo Italian
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I don't have the impression he had a very full-time final ten years and wrestled just sporadically for the independents.  The last time I saw him wrestler was in about 1974, still great value for money, a real old-style villain.  No gimmickry, just unsmilingly bad.


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Gori Ed Mangotich was a stalwart of Paul Lincoln promotions and I saw him regularly in the early to mid 1960's, usually at the Hackney Empire or Granada Brixton. He was a tough first rate "heel" confirming his status as his billing suggested as a "lumberjack". In solo contests he rarely managed to win, ofton being disqualified, but seemed to fare better in tag bouts.

Ed regularly partnered Lincoln's alter ego the good Doctor Death ,but the contest I remember him best was when he teamed up with fellow Canadian Lee "Flash" Edwards against two popular "blue eyes" Bob Kirkwood and Dennis Dean. Edwards was in the same league as  the peerless Alan Garfield in getting the crowd worked up, the famed strut as he entered the ring, always worked. In the end I believe good triumphed over bad, but Ed is fondly remembered.

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