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Powerlock some time ago suggested some of our wrestling heroes might like to be intereviewed by members submitting questions.

Johnny Kincaid has offered to take part

Send your questions to theriotsquad@hotmail.com with the heading "Ask Johnny Kincaid"

Or post the questions below

We will send the questions on to Johnny who will chose the ones to answer.


British wrestling history has a name - HERITAGE

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Two part question for you Johnny, which venue was your favourite to wrestle in and which was your least favourite? Thanks Johnny
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Johnny, as one of our globe trotting wrestlers, you visited some fantastic countries, was there ever a place you visited as a wrestler where you thought you could settle down, or were you usually home sick for the UK?

Another question; We have speculated on here before, which of our wrestlers would have gone down well in the USA, and why hardly any US wrestlers ever came to the UK (probably due to money!), did you ever meet any US wrestlers on your travels that ever expressed a desire to tour the UK, or any that gave a reason why they would avoid it?

Last question, not related to wrestling; you went on to run pubs, which seems a common theme for wrestlers, is there any reason for this, and finally, the poor old pub trade is in trouble, what simple steps do you think could help it get back on its feet? 

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