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Andreas Svajik
(Also known as Andreas Swajics, Anton Swasjics, Androz Zychich, Andras Svajcsik, Sandor Rosza)

No wrestler had a greater variation for the spelling of his name than this lightning fast  lightweight of some fifty odd years ago. Whatever the arrangement of letters and consonants he impressed on the many occasions we saw him. He was athletic and lightning fast, with his clean cut style shown at its best against other speed merchants like Johnny Saint, Ian St John and Maurice Hunter.  

Ironically, the correct spelling was one variation we have not found on any posters.  The name at birth was Andras Svajcsik, or more accurately in the Hungarian style,  Svajcsik Andras. The name Sandor Rosza is something of an oddity and a mystery. Whilst friend and training partner Mike Agusta and promoter Graham Brook remember Andras using the Rosza name we have found a couple of occasions with both names advertised working as a tag team. Uncovering British wrestling history is never easy.

We were helped in our search by Chloe McDonald, the granddaughter of wrestler Ian St John, who was a long time friend, training partner and opponent of Andras. Andras, Ian and others that included Mike Agusta and Don Plummer, trained at the gymnasium of Bob Bannister in Lancashire, often benefiting from guest trainers that included Bob Sherry, Grant Foderingham and Joe Reid.  Andras and Ian must have wrestled each other hundreds of times around the country, always giving a scintillating and fresh performance.

Andras settled in the Lancashire town of Accrington when he came to Britain following the 1956 Hungarian uprising. He was already an experienced amateur wrestler, keen runner and amateur football player.

At the time he was in his late teens having been born in Hungary on 14th November, 1939 and brought up in wartime Europe.

Living in Accrington he became a fan of the local football team, and gained employment as a fitter at the English Electric aircraft factory in nearby Clayton le Moors. With a desire to pursue his wrestling interests in the professional style he joined Bob Bannister's wrestling club. Bannister had good connections in the wrestling world and his trainees were sought after by many independent promoters.  Andras turned semi professional around 1961, working for  many independent promoters North Western, Cape Promotions and Jack Taylor among them.

Andras spent the remainder of his life living in north east Lancashire. Naturalisation papers have revealed he became a naturalised Briton on 28th October, 1966.

For many years we sought information on what had happened to Andras. The question of his whereabouts were settled by Chloe, who  told us that Andras died in 1995. Chloe was  kind enough to visit the cemetry in Accrington and photographed the place where Andras was laid to rest.

Mostly associated with the independent promoters of the north and midlands, Andreas did work for Joint Promotions on quite a few occasions. He partnered Zoltan Boscik when the pair lost to the Royal brothers in 1971. He also gained national exposure with a couple of televised contests, a draw against Terry Nylands at Preston in 1965, and a loss whilst partnering Zoltan Boscik against the Jet Set at Halifax in 1971.

We last saw Andras in action in 1976.

Andras Svajcsik, born 14th November, 1939; died 13th December, 1995.

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