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Mohammed Afzal 
Leeds based Pakistani wrestler who made a couple of televised appearances. The first was against Blackjack Mulligan, televised from Leeds in 1986. In a tv show from Walthamstow he faced Terry Rudge in May 1988. This was  was part of a knockout tournament. The contest ended in a draw, but was awarded to Rudge on points. 

Rolando Aguirre 
Billed as Mexican, but actually a Peruvian according to our knowledgeable member Pantaleon Manlapig, He was born in Lima on 27th August, 1943.

Rolando weighed around the 13stone mark when he visited Britain for six weeks  in the spring of 1975. Although in his thirties at the time he appeared a fairly inexperienced wrestler and may have come to Britain to gain experience in the business.

He made a televised appearance against Harry Palin, a hard man to handle we have been told, and came out victorious. A Royal Albert Hall appearance was a much more challenging proposition, showing the promoters were willing to do him no favours in the capital. He was matched with the mouch heavier, vastly experienced and hugely popular Mike Marino. There was nothing but a predictable defeat in store that night.

Other, more realistic, opponents during his short tour  included Alan Dennison, Mick McMichael, Bert Royal and John Mitchell,

At the end of April Rolando moved on to Germany to work the German and Austrian tournaments. His British experience served him well as he earned international acclaim using the name Rolo Brazil until the early 1990s.  Rolo Brazil sometimes teamed with his (real life) brother Katu Brazil (Maximo Aguirre).

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