British wrestling history 
has a name...

British wrestling history has a name - Heritage

Wrestling Heritage celebrates the glorious days of 

British professional wrestling 

between the years 1930 and 1988.

Wrestling Heritage - Preserving Britain's social history

5th April, 2020
A great new series from John Shelvey, telling the story of his wrestling encounters from 1960s Britain to 21st century Australia.

4th April, 2020
The Ost has added two great albums to the Gallery
Dagenham 1960s and Ilford Baths

2nd April, 2020

Wrestling Heritage remembers the one and only Leon Arras on the anniversary of his birth in 1934.

'Ow About That?"

Leglocks and Laughter

30th March, 2020
Tommy Heyes, known as Gene Riscoe, died earlier this month

28th March, 2020
A new series from historian Ruslan Pashayev as he continues to follow the story of real catch wrestling, from England to around the World.

British Wrestlers Reunion
The Committee of the Blackpool Wrestlers' Reunion have been closely monitoring the situation of the Covid-19 virus and the resulting travel restrictions. After careful consideration we have decided to postpone the five year anniversary Wrestlers Reunion, originally scheduled in May, until further notice. Hotel rooms booked via the Blackpool Wrestlers Reunion have been cancelled. Anyone who booked through the Reunion has no need to do anything.  Anyone who booked their hotel independently should contact their hotel if they wish to cancel the room.We are deeply grateful for the patience and support  of all our guests. We will share updates immediately when we have further details. We look forward to welcoming you.
Kent: Sunday 9th August
Ayr: Sunday 13th September
If you are researching a wrestling ancestor Ron Historyo is waiting to help you.

28th March, 2020

Galleries Galore

Ron has added sixteen new albums to the Gallery

Torbay 1957 - 63; Torbay 1964; Torbay 1965 - 72;Crewe to 1940;
Crewe 1946 - 57; Crewe 1958; Crewe 1959 - 60; Crewe 1961;
Crewe 1962 - 63; Crewe 1964 - 66; Nantwich 1970 Onwards;

Nantwich To 1970; Northwich, Middlewich, Winsford, & Sandbach;

Torbay 1957 - 63;Torbay 1964;Torbay 1965 - 72


Three albums from Terry Hunt

Bedworth Posters;

Marty Jones;

Big Daddy Posters 2;


22nd March, 2020

We watched Gorilla Reg Ray in the late 1960s. Admittedly he was by then a man who had been around a few years, probably a few too many years, but there was still a touch of class about the villain as he displayed his ring craft with opponent Cyril Knowles......

Vintage Class

22nd March 2020
Steve Serene returns with another collection of handbills and programmes.
Steve Serene Albums
21st March, 2020
Remember Mario Magisti on the anniversary of his birth in 1903

21st March, 2020
Today is the anniversary of the birth of Farmer John Allan, born in 1931.Son of the Soil

21st March, 2020
We continue to uncover Britain's Olympic wrestling  heritage in this week's newsletter
In the newsletter
20th March, 2020
Remembering Orig Williams on the anniversary of his birth in 1931.

14th March
Wallaby Bob.
Wrestling Heritage celebrates proud Australian wrestler and rugby player as we add him to the Flying Stars section of Wrestlers.

13th March
Ron Historyo has added five new albums to the Gallery. Join him on another journey down memory lane to Croydon and Tunbridge Wells.

9th March
A tribute to former World Heavyweight Champion Wayne Bridges, who has died.

8th March
The continuing story of Britain's Olympic heritage

8th March
Part 4 and the years 1937-9 as we conclude the rise and fall of Britain's 1930s wrestling stars. Only in the newsletter
To the newsletters
8th March
A tribute to a 1960s visitor as Prince Curtis Iaukea is added to the Flying Stars.

7th March
Remembering the great Mitchell Gill on the thirtieth anniversary of his death.
1st March
Our Man Down Under
More memories from John Shelvey

1st March
We conclude our series of wrestlers, wrestling and unions when we arrive in 1970.

Shining Stars - the most famous names in wrestling

2nd February
Emil Koroschenko has been added to the Flying Stars section
Read more

Recent Personalities in Personality Parade

It's All About the Memories

Eddie Rose entertained us fifty years ago and he's still entertaining us today. 
Eddie Rose tells us of his Very Good Friends in Wrestling.
Read more
Heritage's James Morton shares his wrestling memories from the days he lived in France.
Read more
Eddie Rose wrestled the best in the business in a twenty odd year career. He tells us of his toughest opponents

TW Archives
The memories we don't want to lose


26th February
Wrestling Heritage remembers the one and only Dirty Dominic Pye on the anniversary of his death

21st February
Impressive, extraordinary,  remarkable,   and exceptional  ... Read more on the anniversary of George Kidd's birth

11th February
Remembering Jackie Pallo on the anniversary of his death in 2006.

8th February

Wrestling Heritage celebrates Portugal's Carlos Rocha, who has died aged 93

Carlos Rocha, R.I.P.

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If you are researching a wrestling ancestor Ron Historyo is waiting to help you.