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British wrestling history has a name - Heritage

Wrestling Heritage celebrates the glorious days of 

British professional wrestling 

between the years 1930 and 1988.


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23rd June

The Wrestling Heritage A-Z continues to grow. This week we have added eleven more tributes to the stars of yesterday.

Bull Dagnas … Johnny Dallas ... Tommy Dance … John Datus ... Alf Dean … Desmond Dean ... Mike Dean … Paul Debusne ... Roland Deconinck … Marquis Pablo DeGardiazabal … Martin Deneef

23rd June

Derek Oldham was the man who put The Ghoul out of Action. He's our latest Local Hero.

For quite a few years the name Derek Oldham was one that intrigued us here at Wrestling Heritage. Why?

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23rd June

This week's newsletter includes:

  • A Tribute to Lionheart
  • Alan Dennison
  • Our Man Down Under
  • All Our Ringside Yesterdays
  • Wrestling Jokes
  • 1944 Results

15th June

The story of wrestling in the Granite City told through Aberdeen Grappling and  three new albums from Ron Historyo. 

Way back on 28th February 1938 wrestling was launched in the Music Hall Aberdeen. The press coverage claimed it was the return of wrestling for the first time in many years

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And enjoy three new albums

Aberdeen 1939-1941

Aberdeen 1942 - 1943

Aberdeen 1944 - 1946

13th June

On the anniversary of his premature death Wrestling Heritage celebrates one of the most colourful wrestlers in British rings.

Peter Maivia has been added to the Flying Stars section.

It seems quite incredible that Peter Fanene Maivia wrestled on British shores for a mere four years. Taking him to their hearts Peter was  considered an integral part of the British wrestling scene in the 1960s; a fan club in his honour being exceptional for a visiting wrestler.

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16th June

This week's Heritage newsletter includes

  • George F.W. DeRelwyskow
  • Golden Moments
  • Wrestling Jokes
  • Our Man Down Under
  • Results from June, 1969

9th June

The world's largest database of British wrestlers has just got a little bit bigger with these new additions

Nick Capone ..... Bill Case ..... Charlie Case ..... Frank “Red” Cassidy ..... Charlie Chetwynd ..... Barry Cooper ..... George Corrigan ..... Arthur Creep ..... Terry Cristel ..... Sam Crossley

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31st May

Wrestling Heritage wishes Pete Curry a Happy Birthday and celebrates his career. 

The victor stood centre ring with arms held high as he acknowledged the endorsement of the fans. The partisan Merseyside crowd were going wild because “our kid” had just defeated one of the wrestlers they loved to hate, Hans Streiger, to take the European heavyweight championship.

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28th May

Ron Historyo is back on the road.

Ron uncovers the history of the sport in one of Britain's great wrestling towns

You would expect the Victoria Hall Hanley to be amongst the earliest venues in Wrestling in this country , similar maybe to Kings Hall Belle Vue and St James Hall Newcastle.
Not quite though, at least as far as my research indicates to me.

25th May

We remember Alan Colbeck one of the greatest welterweights of all time.

Steely faced Alan  was respected rather than loved by the fans. A dour, skilful welterweight whose style lacked vitality and excitement he was, nonetheless a talented wrestler who held British titles at lightweight, welterweight and middleweight, as well as the European welterweight title. 

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16th May
Ron Historyo continues his trail of wrestling's glorious past.

9th May

Additions to the Wrestling Heritage 


 Paul Britton, Ed Strangler Brooks, George Brooks, Saxon Brooks,  Brown Mask, Brown Masked Marvel, Blue Buchanan, Bill Burton, Ted Burton

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