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20th October, 2019


Chameleon was one of the names used by Barnsley's Alan Manterfield in the 1940s, but could equally have applied to Bradford's Alan Dennison, a man of contrasting styles. Starting out as a good guy his physique was more suited to the role he  adopted in the early 1960s of a rumbustious hard man who would inevitably lose his temper with bulging eyes and snarling of championship calibre...

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20th October, 2019
Death of Jim Howard
The British Wrestlers Reunion have announced the death of Dale Martin second Jim Howard. A regular attendant at the Kent Reunion Jim always had plenty of time to spend talking about the old days. We will miss him, as will many others. We send our condolences to Jim's family and friends.

13th October, 2019

The Golden Age of Wrestling - Fact or Fiction?

Ray Hulm asks the question. He gets the answers.

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13th October, 2019

Welsh Davey's Cardiff Collection

Welsh Davey shares his magnificent collection of handbills and programmes from Cardiff

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11th October

Celebrating Jack Sherry

Wrestling Heritage remembers Jack Sherry on the anniversary of his death in 1969.

On The Trail of Jack Sherry

Top Wrestlers of the 1930s - Jack Sherry

8th October, 2019

The Seymour Hall from the Dave Cameron Collection

The Ost has added a superb new album from his friend Dave Cameron's collection

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6th October, 2019

New Reunion section added to Heritage.

We have added a new section to Heritage with pages dedicated to the Reunions in Kent, Blackpool and Ayr.

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See more of Johnny Kincaid, Karl Heinz, Tony Scarlo, Glitterboy Evans  and others than you ever thought possible.
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6th October

Additions to the A-Z.

Will it ever end? More than 2,000 wrestlers and still going strong. This week we have added

Jumping Jim Farrell ….. Paul Farrell ….. Carl Ferdinand ….. Roy Fields ….. Legs Fletcher …..  Patrick Flyer ….. Tony Fraser ….. George French ….. Mike Futa

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1st October

Remembering Henri Irslinger on the anniversary of his death.

Few people are more worthy of the label of Pioneer  than Henry Irslinger. Following British wrestling's twenty years in the wilderness it was Irslinger, along with Atholl Oakeley and Benny Sherman, who introduced All-In wrestling to Britain in 1930.

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29th September
Wrestling as it was. The year is 1955, and this is what was happening.
1955 was the year that British citizens said goodbye to one Prime Minister, Winston Churchill, and welcomed another, Anthony Eden.  Ruth Ellis achieved infamy as the last British woman hung for committing murder, and James Dean became an icon when he was killed in a car crash. 

28th September

Two wrestling characters added to the Gallery by Terry Hunt.

Thanks to Terry enjoy two of wrestling's most colourful characters, Tarantula and The Mummy.


15th September

Happy 90th Dicky

Spend thirty seconds with Dicky Swales and you will have a smile on your face. Make that just ten seconds, by thirty you will be laughing out loud. Dicky Swales might be small in stature but he's certainly big in personality. Still is. Larger than life in 2019 as we add him to Personality Parade on the occasion of his 90th birthday.

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15th September

It's Scottish Reunion Day

Ron Historyo celebrates with four new albums added to the Gallery

Hamilton 1960-62

Hamilton 1963-65

Hamilton 1966 Onwards

Scotland Various

9th September

Wrestling Heritage remembers a pioneer; a champion of nearly 100 years go.
Harry Pennington was one of Britain's best catch as catch can wrestlers of the 1920s ....

8th September

Everyone loved him. Loved to boo and jeer. A new entry to Personality Parade.

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8th September

A hard man of the 1940s, Hard as Nails.

Eric Day was a character. A tough man inside and outside the ring and never one to shirk a fight, in the ring or in the street. 

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1st September

Three times a year Wrestling Heritage celebrates those who make Heritage great. 

That's you, our readers.

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1st September

TW Archives

It's all about the memories. We preserve more of your wrestling memories, and have added seven more topics.


1st September

Ready for Scotland?

Ron Historyo takes us on another journey of discovery.

Aberdeen 1980s

31st August

Wrestling Heritage remembers Bert Assirati on the anniversary of his death in 1990.

No Angel of Islington

24th August

Remember one of our greats, who died on this day in 1981.

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24th August

Everyone was someone’s favourite.  That’s very true of Bill Ogden.  

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24th August

The colourful Maurice LaRue has died.  Read our tribute, Majestically Magnificent.

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