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between the years 1930 and 1988.

Wrestling Heritage
Preserving Britain's social history

20th September
There were a number of “local groups”
Eddie Rose remembers some of them
20th September
What a story!
The golden years continue thanks to Dwight and Harry coming to the rescue
20th September
Leon Arras was the man from Paris.

Or was he?

John Shelvey investigates.

20th September
Twelve pages more fetures and news delivered every week. This week's newsletter includes:
  • Pre War Hungarians
  • Billy Torontos
  • Bernard Hughes
  • Little Legs
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19th September
Ron Historyo, The Archivist, delves deep into the vaults.
This time he returns with
Runcorn Pre 1950s

18th September ANNIVERSARY
On this day in 1938, the birth of Billy Robinson

16th September ANNIVERSARY
Today would have been the birthday of the charismatic Dicky Swales

15th September ANNIVERSARY
Today is the anniversary of two of Britain's greatest wrestlers.

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14th September
Ron Historyo hangs around "The Big Smoke" to bring us wrestling from Marble Arch.

13th September
It's the boys from Mossblown village. Bruce, Dale and Ian are the Bryden Boys.

13th September
The story continues. And what a story. The independents move in to Wisbech and it's time to see the Doctor.
Ring the bell for round two.
13th September
This week's newsletter is a Scottish Reunion Special. We announce the second winner of the Wrestling Heritage Reunion Award.
10th September
The bright lights of the city draw Ron Historyo as he takes a look in four albums at the wrestling to be found in the Paddington Metropolitan from 1960 to 1964.
6th September
We are very excited about our new series. The Wisbech Chronicles takes us back to a time when wrestling really was golden. 
Martin Campbell gives us a ringside seat at the Wisbech Corn Exchange.

6th September
Three times a year Wrestling Heritage celebrates the most important people in wrestling, the fans.
Here are the latest Wrestling Heritage Awards.

2nd September
Ron Historyo heads to the seaside for fish,chips and the wrestling.
Join him in Fleetwood to view shows from 1946 - 1954

23rd August
Twenty years ago the death of the formidable Crusher Mason. We remember him on the anniversary of his death and add him to the Personality Parade in The Oriental Crushing Machine.

23rd August
Eddie Rose returns with more of his facinating memories. Join him as he recalls some of the highlights.

16th August
Additions to the A-Z
Gary Clwyd ..... Colin Craig ..... Joe Devalto ..... Arnold Dyson ..... Bobby "Jock" Graham ..... Mick Howley ..... Henri Stoeff ..... Steve Szalay ..... Maurice Whitfield ..... Bernie Wright

16th August
Here's another almost forgotten name from wrestling's rich Heritage.
We add our Local Heroes tribute to Welshman Taffy Jones

16th August
A legend in his own city. As was often the case everything was not always as it appeared.
We add the colourful Prince Barnu to our Local Heroes series.

16th August
He was forever young. Robby Baron was never allowed to grow old it seemed, he was forever Young Robby.
Read our tribute to the 1960s/70s wrestling star in Personality Parade.

11th August

Wrestling Heritage remembers Yorkshire's heavyweight great Dennis Mithchell on the anniversary of his birth in 1929.

Eternal Youth

9th August
The Tyneside Tearaway joins Personality Parade as Wrestling Heritage remembers Black Jack Mulligan

Shining Stars - the most famous names in wrestling

More Recent Losses

31st July
The sad loss of  the one and only Mark Rollerball Rocco, who died today, aged just 69. Read our tribute.

6th July
With sadness we report the death of Heritage member and a fan of seven decades, David Franklin.

28th June
We are saddened to announce the death of our friend Ray Plunkett. 

More Recent Tributes

19th July

Only one wrestler entered the ring with a geisha girl on each arm. Yes, and an eagle on his chest, a tiger and a couple of soldiers. ....

Johnny Eagles

And Johnny in the USA

19th July
Albeit a much derided sport in the 1930s professional wrestling certainly attracted some genuinely combative figures, and none more so than Matsuda......
12th July
Another man from across the Atlantic. Yet when the big man from North Carolina stepped into British rings all was not quite that it seemed. 
Read our celebration of

5th July
Heritage celebrates Rex Gable. And yes, he was British.

It's All About the Memories

5th July
The Journey Continues for our Man Down Under.

17th May, 2020

More memories as Eddie Rose reaches the end of the road with part 2 of his Long, Long Journey.

A Long, Long Journey: Wrestlers and Car Travel

Tony Cassio's daughter, Cassie, has written to Heritage and Talk Wrestling members.
Steve Serene returns with another collection of handbills and programmes.
Steve Serene Albums


14th September ANNIVERSARY
The one and only Joe Critchley died on this day in 1992.
Read our tribute to Romeo Joe.
4th September ANNIVERSARY
On this day in 1954 the death of two close friends.


On this day in 1935 the birth of Andy Robin

Read the Wrestling Heritage tribute

On this day in 1987 the death of Mal Kirk.


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