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Wrestling Heritage celebrates the glorious days of British professional wrestling

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15th November

Eric Taylor

Hard As Nails

A tribute to one of the greatest wrestlers of the post war period, British Heavy Middleweight Champion, Eric Taylor.

Dedication and Perfection

12th November

Shirley Crabtree

Rememberone of the biggest names of the 1970s and 1980s on the anniversary of his birth

Shirley Crabtree

12th November

Defender of the Dragon

Remember Orig Williams on the anniversary of his death.

Defender of the Dragon

11th November

Liverpool Wrestling

Ron Historyo has traced Merseyside wrestling from the 1930s to the 1980. He's added two more albums to the Heritage Gallery.

Liverpool 1951

Liverpool 1952

11th November

New Brighton Wrestling

Ron Historyo presents six new albums in the Heritage Gallery

New Brighton  1946

New Brighton 1947

New Brighton 1948

New Brighton 1950

New Brighton 1951

New Brighton  1952

11th November



Ron Historyo presents two new albums in the Heritage Gallery.

Lichfield 1970 - 77

Lichfield 1978 - 82

11th November

Heritage Newsletter

Mr Big, The Bill and The Bout, Sherry v Clark, Joe Cornelius, Ringside Yesterdays.

Find out how to receive your copy by contacting theriotsquad@hotmail.com

11th November

In Memoriam

Roy Parkes

Wrestling Heritage remembers Mr Big

Mr Big in the A-Z.

and in this week's Heritage Newsletter.

10th November

Basil Coulolias

Remember Basil Coulolias on the anniversary of his birth in 1927.

Basil Coulolias

4th November

A Wrestling Comedian

Larry McCarthy is our latest contributor. We've told the story of "McCarty, A Man of Many Parts." The story continues with the next generation. What a story it is.

A Wrestling Comedian

4th November

The Bolton Bonecrusher

We can't take the credit for the title, that goes to Sam Rabin. Read our tribute

The Bolton Bonecrusher

4th November

A Bobby Dazzler and His Wife.

The Posh and Becks of wrestling. 

A Bobby Dazzler of Wrestling

4th November

Liverpool 1966

Ron Historyo emerges from his time machine.

Liverpool 1966

30th October

In Memory of Jack Keegan

The anniversary of the birth of one of the Rochdale Pioneers, Jack Keegan.

Read our tribute: The Rochdale Pioneers

28th October

The Mike Hallinan Collection

A great addition to the Heritage website from wrestling historian Mike Hallinan.

The Mike Hallinan Relwyskow Collection

1953, A Very Good Year

Check it out for yourself in the Heritage Gallery.

Liverpool 1953

New Brighton 1953

Ernie Riley

Heritage remembers the great British champion on the anniversary of his death.

In His Father's Likeness

Alex Cadier wins European Heavyweight Title

Atholl Oakely continued his  mission to revive post war British wrestling.

Alex Cadier

Close To Perfection

That was Judo Al Hayes, our latest addition to Personality Parade.

Close to Perfection

Liverpool 1954

There was life before the Beatles. Liverpool Stadium 1954 added to the Gallery, thanks to Ron Historyo.

Liverpool 1954

True Grit

That's how we remember Ray Glendenning on the anniversary of his death.

Ray Glendenning


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