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Wrestling Heritage celebrates the glorious days of 

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Wrestling Heritage - Preserving Britain's social history

14th August
The Iron Man of the Lakes has died. Read our tribute to Britain's heavyweight champion, Gerry Hoggarth.

13th August

The A-Z keeps on growing.We have added more entries to add to the more than 2,000 wrestlers we already remember

Martin Deneef,  Al Diamond, Wally Dix,  Billy Donnegan, Jimmy Doran,  Marcel Douvinet, Mick Duffy, Vince Earnshaw, Vince Edward, Saxon Elliott, Emerald Phantom

11th August

We celebrate Frank Robb, A Man in the Shadows, always remembered with fondness.

British wrestling boasted an abundance of larger than life personalities. The names most readily remembered today are those who brought a splash of colour; names like Pallo, McManus, Kellett and Big Daddy. Flamboyant and entertaining most definitely, but not necessarily the best wrestlers.

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11th August

Llew Roberts, not a famous name, but most definitely a Local Hero

Llew Roberts joined the professional wrestling ranks in the early 1960s; born in 1937 he was in his mid twenties, “A bit late getting into the business” was his own admission. Late maybe, but not too late to become a favourite for the next fifteen years.

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5th August

In Memory of Jim Rawlings, who died recently.

Born on 30th October, 1935, the third member of the Rawlings clan who, like his brother Bill, was a powerful skilled wrestler who never quite matched the ring presence of the old man. Hardly surprising with Alf being  such a rugged force in the ring. None of this should take anything away from Jim .......

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4th August

We add a tribute to an American wartime hero. 

Michigan's Dean Rockwell's first venture to Europe was in the United States Navy when he led a group of soldiers in the Normandy landings. 

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1st August

Les Kellett was wrestling in Kirkcaldy in 1945. Jim Breaks, Al Nicol and John Allan were there in 1959.

Ron Historyo has discovered them both, plus the years in between.

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30th July

No one knows Belle Vue Like Ron Historyo. He will take you there.

Ron Historyo returns from the vaults with more goodies from Belle Vue 1954.

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28th July, 2019

We pay tribute to one Tony Baer, one of the greats of the 1940s and 1950s as we add him to Personality Parade.

Tony Baer. A name from the past that will bring a smile to our more senior readers. Barnsley’s Sam Betts, who wrestled as Dwight J Ingleburgh, knew Tony well, and it was he that told us what a bundle of dynamite he was.

28th July, 2019

Sandy Soutar died a few weeks ago. Heritage looks back at the Scottish wrestler and add him to our Local Heroes series.

Sandy Soutar is the sort of wrestler we love at Wrestling Heritage. When we started the site one of our aims was to celebrate the lesser known names who devoted much of their life to wrestling and were important cogs in making the business work.

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28th July,

Not every wrestler was a tv star. Many of the best didn't make it to our screens. We have added Tony Ancell to our Local Heroes.

As wrestling fans we all had our favourites. Our A-Z by-line is that "Everyone was someone's favourite." Leicester's Tony Ancell certainly had his fans.

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27th July

Great Scot! Remembering Bob McDonald on the anniversary of his death in 1964.

The Isle of Lewis in the Outer Hebrides is a remote place by anyone's standards. It would be quite unimaginable to a boy growing up in the island's largest town, Stornoway, that one day he would become one of Britain's top professional wrestlers.

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21st July

Celebrate Judo Al Hayes on the anniversary of his death in 2005.

Few wrestlers are deemed worthy of an obituary in the national press, in this case The Guardian. Even fewer, a unique obituary written by a Wrestling Heritage member, James Morton.

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21st July

The irrepressible Leon Arras died this week in 1997.

Bouncing centre ring, shadow boxing with every move overstated; there was no mistaking the effervescent Leon Arras.

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17th July

The loss of gentle giant

Read our tribute to Pete Curry

16th July

We remember Norman Morrell on the anniversary of his birth.

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16th July

Ron Historyo adds Belle Vue 1956 to the Gallery.

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16th July

Pat Roach is remembered on the anniversary of his death

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5th July

Tony Charles is added to Personality Parade - Welsh Wizardry

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30th June

Bob Anthony is added to Personality Parade - Forever a Teenage Idol

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27th June

Dominic Pye celebrated on the anniversary of his death.

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23rd June

Derek Oldham added to the Local Heroes section.

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23rd June

Eleven wrestlers added to the letter D section of the A-Z

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