A hobby site created by enthusiasts of 
British wrestling celebrating wrestling and 
wrestlers from 1930 onwards through 
fifty glorious years of British wrestling history


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Whilst the A-Z features around 2000 wrestlers we have chosen a select few for extended tributes in the Shining Stars and A-Z sections. There are clear similarities between the Shining Stars and Personality Parade, the main difference being that Shining Stars are mostly the biggest names in the sport, though even that, of course, is a matter of opinion.




Bulldog Breed


Daft As A Brush? Sharp As A Pin!

The Epitome of an Unsung Hero

Escapology and Endurance

Every Bout an Epic!

The First Celebrity

Glitter, Glam Rock and Forearm Smashes

Highland King

A Judoka and a Gentleman

The King of Charisma

Kinky Goings On

A Legend In Our Midst

One Man and his Belt

The Man of Granite

The Man We Loved to Hate

No Angel of Islington

Perfect Asymmetry

The Perfect Foil

The Prince of Darkness


Royalty in Crewe 

The Shy Shooter of the North

Simply The Best?

Starrdom Revisited

A Tough Nut To Crack

The Turbulent Trailblazer

Unravelling the Strings of the Mask

The Wigan Peer

Wrestlings Most Influential Man

An Artist of the Canvas

Belfast Bulldog

Blackpool Rock

The Boston Stump

Butting In

The Casino Kid

A Chip Off The Old Block

A Class Act

The Classical Stylist

The Colourful Monochrome

Defender of the Dragon

Early Days

Eternal Youth

Evergreen & Golden

The Fijian Warrior

A Gentleman of the Land

The Gentle Man of Wrestling

A Glittering Career

The Globetrotting Heavyweight 

 Great Scot

The Grizzly Enigma

The Hardboiled Ego

Into The Dragons' Den

Iron Man of the Lakes

The Lancashire Globetrotter

Lancashire's World Class Lion Use link from Marty Jones A-Z entry

Leicester Gold

A Man of Arms

A Man With A Passion

A Man With No Regrets

Man of Steel

Masked and Maskless

A Mexican, A Masked Man,& A Smasher

Mr Ultra Reliability

 No Bad Hair Days

No Mask Required

Northern Powerhouse

Old Time Class And A Clobber

Pocket Hercules - use link from Fred Unwin A-Z entry

Power & Precision

A Promoter's Dream

The Quiet Mover and Shaker

Slayer of Giants

Son of the Soil

Spirit of the North

Star Spangled Warrior

Stars, Stripes and Yorkshire Grit

The Tartan Terrier

A Taste of Goulash

The Unforeseen Revolutionary

Unmasked ..... Again

Unmasking The Zebra Kid

A Very Peculiar Phenomenon

Wrestling To The Top of the World

Wrestling's Princess Kate

Yorkshires Shooting Star