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The men in the trunks and leotards were the ones we cheered, but without those who organised the shows there would have been no wrestling.

 Often criticised for making money whilst paying their workers little that was only part of the story. Read the story of the Men In Suits.

A few were men of Courage and Vision, risking their own money to create one of Britain's major sporting businesses.

Whilst a Heritage member plans the next Revival.

Men In Suits
Men of Courage and Vision

In the Spring of 2015 Wrestling Heritage member Pater Magnus opened a discussion regarding the possibility of reviving classic British wrestling. Although responses were both positive and negative they were, on almost all occasions, thoughtful.

Pater Magnus has now taken the discussion one step further with the production of four documents outlining how the ideas could become a reality. 

These documents are not a blueprint.

The authors are not in a position to implement them. What is needed now is a ‘catalyst’ in the shape of someone with entrepreneurial ambitions that has a deep and wide knowledge of the sport and who is well known in wrestling circles, preferably with links to both new and old. Such a person would be able to ‘kick start’ the project.

Are you that person?

The author waives any right to own the ideas and makes no legal claims, considering them to be Public Intellectual Property. They  may be copied, modified, distributed and/or implemented without any permissions whatsoever.

The Revival of Classic British Wrestling

The Way Forward

Who We Are and What We Do

The New Mountevans Rules

The original forum discussion

If you have problems downloading these documents please contact Wrestling Heritage at theriotsquad@hotmail.com