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Erich Koltschak 

A once member of the French Foreign Legion the blonde haired German from Berlin visited Britain in the 1950s. The first visit was for a week in April 1952, with opponents Mike Marino, Bert Assirati, and Mick Casey. 

Erich Koltschak returned in October 1957, the start of frequent visits during the remainder of the decade. Other than a few contests in the biggest halls of the north, Manchester's Belle Vue, Newcastle's  St James Hall and Liverpool Stadium, matches were mainly in the south of England for  Dale Martin Promotions.

Opponents were invariably top notch and included men of the calibre of Alan Garfield, Jack Pye, Gordon Nelson, Ray Apollon, Billy Joyce, Geoff Portz, Dara Singh and Tony Mancelli. The Italian Thunderbolt Mancelli had the distinction of unhinging a couple of Erich's teeth when they collided with his elbow.

Kemel Koparanian 

1950s heavyweight visited Britain for a month in 1954, mainly in the south facing Mike Marino, Alf Rawlings, Don Stedman and Tony Mancelli. Worked in France as  Eddy Kopoanian.

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The Kopite 

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Toby Koran 

Middleweight of the late 1960s and 1970s worked for the independent promoters mainly in the south of England.

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Wrestling Memories

When I was a student in Leicester (1972-75) I used to hitch hike from Leicester to London for the Royal Albert Hall shows then hitch a lift back again through the night. The bouts were no more exciting there than elsewhere but the place did have a certain atmosphere all its own. I recall on one show finding that I was sitting next to jazzman Ray Ellington whom I remembered from my boyhood for (along with Max Geldray) providing the musical intermissions on radio's Goon shows (with Milligan, Secombe and Sellers).

Bouts I recall mainly featured Mick McManus. I saw him defeat the Frenchman Michel Leroy, Brian Maxine by countout when they ended up fighting outside the ring and McManus managed to clamber back in in time (McManus was very much the "blue eye" for this one although he altered his ringstyle not one iota), Jackie "Mr.TV" Pallo and, in tag with Steve Logan, Bert Royal and Vic Faulkner.

I also recall Logan having an unusual contest which saw him as "blue eye" against Clayton Thompson's Exorcist, a wild bout between Les Kellett and Abe Ginsberg and an equally wild one featuring Kendo Nagasaki versus Steve Veidor. Bobby Barnes fought foreigners Gabriel Calderon and (in tag with Street) Arizona duo Chief Thundercloud and Billy White Cloud.

Graham Brook 

Al Korman

Al Korman came to Britain, when he was just eighteen years old, at the beginning of his wrestling career.

The Jewish heavyweight from Toronto travelled here and worked with his friend Whipper Watson between 1936 and 1939.

He learnt the trade in Britain's all-in rings before taking his newly acquired skills back across the Atlantic.

Al returned to Canada with the second world war looming, serving in the Royal Canadian Navy during hostilities.

His career continued post war in North America  until the mid 1950s, with his time shared with restaurant management in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Emil Koroschenko

The Czech strongman was first seen in British rings in 1939. He fought with the British army in the Western desert and wrestled in Britain in 1946 before moving to Australia to open a restaurant.

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