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Joe Reid is maybe not a name you know. But one you should know. Joe Reid is one of 

The Top Wrestlers of the 1930s


British wrestling history has a name - HERITAGE

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The Ost
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Have this result from 1948:

February 23rd, 1948 – Edinburgh, Scotland (Eldorado Stadium)

Bert Assirati beat Mick Casey (DQ)

Tony Baer beat Mannie Maritz (KO)

Joe Reid drew Jack Dempsey

Pat Brennan beat Tony Lawrence


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Mark Reynard
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Nice piece. I liked that.

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Philip Kenyon
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What a great tribute from you guys!

Just like to give you an update to my expressions mentioned in the write-up by you.

Not only did I enjoy visiting Joe’s Gym and getting a lot of advice from him, but also it was one of the largest gym’s that I ever visited, add to this that it was also the cleanest gym that I ever saw.

Not many gyms had a training mat plus a full-size ring, but Joe’s gym had both.

Still wondering what happened to his Son Marcus, who wrestled under the name of “The Great Marcus”? I remember having some training with him and eventually we had a bout together (see the bill in A – Z).


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Ron Historyo
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He was a Real Gentleman.



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