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Graham Bawden
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What happened to this talented grappler when he left the squared circle? I remember the bout where he faced his father King Ben Boothman, with King Ben getting the deciding pin fall. Kid McCoy took on the greats like Johnny Saint, Steve Grey, and Cyanide Sid Cooper. Where is he now?

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David Mantell
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I know he went into the roofing trade later in life.  No idea why he quit though.

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He retired after TV ended as with so many others
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David Mantell
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He was around a good while afterwards, both solo and tagging with dad Ben.  He had a great match vs Johnny Sain on Relso in 1990 which got released on the Wrestling Madness videotape.  From Lee Bamber's commentary, it sounds like they were lining Kid up to be the longterm World Lightweight Champion  and replace Johnny Saint like Saint had replaced George Kidd.


and for any Welsh speakers, here it is with the original broadcast commentary:


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