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In a way, I don't think that that any of the wrestlers discussed on this topic went on too long. Count Bartelli, Mike Marino, Mick McManus and Steve Logan were all great wrestlers and great entertainers but what was wrong, in my opinion, was that they kept on winning nearly all of their bouts. Even when they were into their fifties, Bartelli, Marino and McManus were still title holders. Seeing Count Bartelli beat a young Pete Roberts, McManus beat and unmask a young Kung Fu and seeing Logan beat a young Caswell Martin just did not look right. If they wanted to keep wrestling, should the promoters have allowed it but insisted that they start losing more often?

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Passing the torch so to speak wasn't high on some people's lists
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Bill Smith
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Big Daddy was (or looked) 50+ and certainly went on too long

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David Mantell
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He turned 50 in November 1980

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David Mantell
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I'm pleased no-one's mentioned Ken Joyce as two of my favourite matches are from his later years - 1974 vs Steve Grey and 1981 vs Johnny Saint

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matey dave
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by the way i trust brian maxine never wore a wig


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