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paul kaye
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Who was considered to be the best father and son team that actually tagged together?

Paul Kaye

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Bernard Hughes
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I'll throw in Vic Hesselle and Bert Royal for starters.

But the later father and son teams would be more active and acrobatic.


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Graham Bawden
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You're right Bernard about Vic Hesselle and Bert Royal. King Ben Boothman and Kid Mcoy were also very good as a father and son tag team.

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frank thomas
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The first I saw where Pallo & Son, always thought JJ was there just to make the numbers up! It was still very much The "Mr TV" show..
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How about the Rawlings, father and two sons and they tagged in various combo's
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Ron Historyo
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Not quite answering the question but I would have liked to have seen Vic and Peter Stewart.



Time Detective and Multi Heritage Award Winner

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Anglo Italian
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This subject crops up every few years and we usually end up discussing the Wensors ....


Still trying to work out what was going on!

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Philip Kenyon
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Hi Paul,

Have to agree with Bernard. Bert Royal and Vic Hessele.



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Sapper James
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I only saw Alan and Adam Kilby team up the one time at Holbeach. Did Adam not stick around for long?

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rasit huseyin
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King Ben and Kid McCoy are another father and son tag team, but disappeared from the scene around 1990 after losing to The Superflys Jimmy Ocean and Rick Kight for the British Tag Team belts.

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powerlock at February 28, 2018 at 9:10 AM

How about the Rawlings, father and two sons and they tagged in various combo's

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British wrestling - great characters but the plot was always a bit of a mystery.

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